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Should you bootstrap or raise capital to launch and grow your business? Mar 20, 2024

Should you bootstrap or raise capital to launch and grow your business?

It's the chicken or the egg dilemma for most entrepreneurs.

Short answer: You should prepare for both.

Founders who enter into a state of investor readiness are the most prepared. It's like they...

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Why we never fundraise. Mar 19, 2024

Startup Founders fundraise. VCs fundraise.

Why we never fundraise.

As faith-driven investors/founders God’s our provider. Not man.

God has given us a disruptive solution when it comes to growing a venture and co-creating with other investors and founders.

- We...

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Why do so many small businesses stall out around $2M in revenue? Mar 18, 2024

Why do so many small businesses stall out around $2M in revenue?

First, only 7% of small businesses ever make it past $1M in revenue. So if that's you, congrats! 

I know the journey to $1M wasn't easy!

When you're at $1M in revenue, you can't afford to hire the most...

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When I made the INC 500, something unexpected happened. Mar 17, 2024

The first time one of my companies made the INC 500, something unexpected happened.

I got an invitation that changed the rest of my life.

I was praying to God and He asked me, "Do you want to partner with me?"

I said yes.

That was the first time one of my ventures made the list of the...

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Learning to become an entrepreneur is hard. Mar 15, 2024

Learning to become an entrepreneur is hard.

Most will waste 2-3 years failing to learn how.

Ultimately 90% will succumb.

Why is it so hard?

- for those building a product, this takes time and money

- for those offering a service, it's easier

- you have to learn how...

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Never surrender your God-planted dreams to defeat. Mar 14, 2024

Never surrender your God-planted dreams to defeat.

Especially entrepreneurial dreams.

God is raising up millions of entrepreneurs — all over the world.


Because when millions of entrepreneurs are driven by faith, purpose, freedom and the Kingdom of God … they...

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I do something every day that drives traffic. Mar 12, 2024

In the last 30 days, 21,075 entrepreneurs and investors have visited my website from LinkedIn. Why? I do something every day that drives traffic.

Everyday I write a post on LinkedIn to my target audience:

- new entrepreneurs
- solopreneurs
- startup founders seeking funding
- small...

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Every few months I start over. Mar 11, 2024

Every few months I start over. It’s become part of my entrepreneurial secret sauce.

What do I mean? I take a few days to pause and reassess:

- my long vision
- my short vision
- my projects
- my priorities
- my path
- my relationships

I take everything that I’m doing, all my...

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Do you know about The Secret Power (anointing) of I AM? Mar 10, 2024

Do you know about The Secret Power (anointing) of I AM?

God chooses who He chooses.

And this makes others mad as hell.

When God chose King David, he was just a teen.

Nevertheless, God chose David for a big job.

A David versus Goliath job.

Make no mistake, the battle...

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Why do you want to be prosperous? Mar 08, 2024

Regarding Biblical prosperity: Do we seek prosperity to help finance the work of God, or to enjoy the luxuries of life?

- big houses
- showy cars
- expensive clothes
- fancy food
- lavish entertainment

I've learned we have to keep our motives and priorities straight, that there must be...

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God gives us both prosperity and adversity. Mar 06, 2024

I’ve found this to be so true in life. 

God gives us both prosperity and adversity.

He knows how much and how long.

Instead of living for the future, live in the present.

Learn to profit from both pain and pleasure, the trials and the triumphs of life.

This balance keeps...

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If your very best thinking is producing lousy results ... Mar 05, 2024

If your very best thinking is producing lousy results, are you willing to change your thinking to change your results?

Yes?!?!   No?!?!

There are always areas of my life that aren't producing the results I want

- in business
- in my faith walk
- in relationships
- in my...

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