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What kind of faith do you have? Nov 13, 2022

Do you have faith?

The kind that will move the mountains blocking your path?

Deep inside every person is a God-planted dream.

A calling. A destiny.

But you'll never fulfill it without the faith that can navigate the obstacles. Mountain moving faith.

As a serial entrepreneur who has spent the past 38...

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Open the eyes of your heart. Nov 12, 2022

Intellectual (yet idiot).

Perhaps this describes someone you know.

Hopefully not you.

This condition describes many in politics, government, media and business.

It also describes many who are believers (yet blind).

This is the condition of rejecting the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Though the Holy Spirit...

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Your thought-life will determine whether you survive or THRIVE! Nov 11, 2022

What you allow in your thought-life will determine whether you merely survive or THRIVE.

In life there are ...

Facts - Your circumstances (problems)
Truth - God's promises (solutions)

Your thoughts will produce a harvest of either blessings or curses.

I have a choice in life, I can fill my mind with...

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I have a mentor who knows everything! Nov 11, 2022

I have a mentor who knows everything, AND is willing to teach me everything I need to know to succeed.

Who do you go to?

I'm in my 38th year as a serial entrepreneur. Over the past three decades I've dedicated my life to helping other founders grow their ventures and achieve their dreams.

We run...

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Fake Jesus - who they think Jesus should be. Nov 10, 2022

Who is Fake Jesus?

It's the Jesus people conjure up in their minds based on who they think Jesus should be. The problem is it doesn't line up with who the scriptures say He is.

How did that happen?

Simple. They don't read the scriptures for themselves.

Instead they rely on second hand information...

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There are two types of Christian investors. Nov 09, 2022

There are two types of Christian investors.

#1 - Those who invest and happen to Christians.
#2 - And those who invest in Kingdom causes.

Big difference.

God always gives us choices. Blessings or Curse.

Luke 12 lays out the curse for the Rich Fool.

- The ground of a rich man yielded an abundant harvest....

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According to your faith ... Nov 08, 2022

According to your faith, let it be done to you.

Entrepreneurs, how's your faith?

Do you believe these words from Jesus?

Jesus made that promise when He was approached by someone who needed a miracle.

Jesus asked him, "do you believe that I am able to do this"?

"Yes, Lord", they replied.

Jesus then...

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This morning I asked God what I should write. Nov 07, 2022

This morning I asked God what I should write to my fellow entrepreneurs. This is what He said.

Increase your capacity to receive.

Many of you need a major reset in your thinking. A reset in your expectation of what God wants to do with you and your venture.

- You need to get ready. Ready to grow.

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The most insidious things about gaslighting ... Nov 06, 2022

One of the most insidious things about gaslighting is the denial of reality. And for the elite-class (globalists), it's gaslighting the reality of God.

This cabal operates as though God doesn't exist. They are reprobate.

They are God-deniers.

They literally do the opposite of everything God...

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When $hit happens. Nov 05, 2022

Something I've learned about past failures, present circumstances and future challenges.

$hit Happens.

- God will use them as manure for your growth.
- God will use what the enemy meant for harm, into opportunities.

When you go after God-planted dreams, look forward not backwards.

Some great wisdom...

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A new breed of investors and entrepreneurs are emerging. Nov 04, 2022

I see a new breed of investors and entrepreneurs emerging.

When you talk to them or co-labor with them, they are very different than other entrepreneurs who happen to be Christians.

These investors and entrepreneurs are driven by ...

- driven by faith in God
- driven by faith in the Bible
- driven by...

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Producing the fuel that allows the venture to scale. Nov 03, 2022

Founders — you must have a CEO, but you don't have to be the CEO.

What distinguishes extraordinary entrepreneurs is their willingness to give up everything for the belief in their vision. Especially a scaling vision.

And that includes the role of the CEO.

The CEO needs to be focused on...

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