The {pre-studio} incubator for faith driven founders.

Elevate Incubator

Elevate Incubator vs. CanaGlobal's Venture Studio


What's the difference between Elevate and CanaGlobal's Venture Studio? The Venture Studio only accepts ventures with a minimum of $2 million in revenues.

Elevate is pre-studio, an exclusive virtual incubator for faith-driven founders, bridging the gap between aspiration and realization. Dive into collaborative growth, Managing Partner guidance, and unwavering support as you journey from spectator to trailblazer.

The Reality of The Journey.


The Current Scenario: Thousands of founders seek our guidance every month, but only a handful can join our exclusive venture studio.

The Challenge: Many passionate and dedicated founders need a more structured and accountable path to realize their venture potential.

The Transition ...


What We've Noticed.

From Spectator to Player Mode.

Spectator Mode: In our current entrepreneur ecosystem, many are spectators. They gain knowledge but lack the avenue for real-time implementation and feedback.

Need for Action: A venture's success isn't just about knowledge; it's about action, accountability, and consistent progress.

Our Solution

The pre-studio incubator for faith-driven founders.

Benefits of a Player

Real-time Feedback: Not just generic advice, but tailored insights specific to your venture's current stage.


Managing Partners that not only teaches but checks, corrects, and celebrates your progress.


Utilize our proven methods in real-time, positioning your venture for rapid growth.


As part of the Elevate Program, tap into our vast network of resources and connections.

Commitment: Your Ticket to Growth

A Minimal Investment: For $250/month, transition from a spectator to a player. It's not just a fee; it's a commitment to your venture's future.

The Ask: Do you want to remain a spectator or take the leap to be an active player in the entrepreneurial arena?

* We meet every Wednesday on Zoom from 10:30a to 11:30a PST/MST. You will receive a calendar invite within 12 hours of your registration.

Join Elevate

Call to Action


Are You Ready? If you believe in your venture and are ready to commit to growth, the Elevate Incubator awaits.

Next Steps: Register for the Elevate, join the exclusive community, and let's turn your vision into a success story.

Our Promise: We're not just offering an incubator; we're offering a transformative journey. With Elevate, we believe every venture has the potential to soar.