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 Elevate Startup Incubator

1 Mentor + 12 Founders | The Startup Playbook + Roadmap in 12 Weeks 

  A live, fully immersive, virtual startup incubator for faith-driven founders.

A 12 week journey led by Gerald Duran.

De-Risk Your Startup Journey

Fact: 90% of first time startups fail.

By contrast, 70% of founders who are accepted into an elite business school, accelerator, incubator or venture studio taught by serial entrepreneurs/investors succeed.

You choose: 90% failure vs. 70% success.

Every serial entrepreneur already knows this. 

All original startup ideas are flawed. Only through the discipline of ideation and iteration do they become viable.

Elevate Incubator

A  step-by-step systematic process to a viable startup.


More than teaching. We Expect, Check, and Correct.


Learn and execute in real-time, positioning your venture for go-to-market success.


Lean into the expertise of serial entrepreneurs and investors. 

A peek inside our Virtual Hub.

Led by CanaGlobal's Growth Mentor

Gerald Duran

Managing Partner


Meet Gerald Duran, the driving force behind CanaGlobal, the world's inaugural faith-driven venture studio. A prodigious 6x serial entrepreneur, Gerald is nothing short of a luminary in the venture studio domain. Unlike many in the venture sphere, Gerald isn’t one to merely spectate. He embodies the spirit of a true operator, opting to lead from the front rather than observing from the sidelines. While many venture capitalists and advisors remain content in the stands, Gerald is fiercely present on the field, paving the way. 

Elevate Startup Incubator

Meets Tuesdays & Fridays. Each Session is 90 Minutes. New cohorts forming now.

Level 1: Idea to Go-to-Market (Weeks 1-8) - $3000

Week 1: Setting Goals

Week 2: Creating a viable business/revenue model

Week 3: Create a viable brand position

Week 4: Digital Assets - Social and website positioning

Week 5: The Buyer Journey

Week 6: RevOps - Demand generation

Week 7: RevOps - Lead generation

Week 8: RevOps - Sales Pipeline

Level 2: Getting Funded (Weeks 9-12) - $2000

Week 9: Developing the pitch deck

Week 10: Mastering the Investor pitch/story

Week 11: Setting up the data room

Week 12: Getting in front of investors

Levels 1 & 2 (12 Weeks) - $5000


*Cohorts meet for 90 minute sessions twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays. Times will be assigned in your interview.

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2) Decide if you're a fit.

3) Join elevate incubator

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 { Meets Twice a Week - New Cohorts Forming Now }

Why RevOps?

RevOps, short for Revenue Operations, helps line up your business plan, branding, sales, and marketing efforts to boost your startup's earnings. It's key for making a profit and helps your business grow steadily with a reliable flow of money.

Getting good at RevOps is crucial if you're running a startup and want to keep making more money and expanding over time.

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Embark on a Transformative Journey


Are You Ready? If you believe in your venture and are ready to commit to growth, the Elevate Incubator awaits.

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Our Promise: We're not just offering an incubator; we're offering a transformative journey. With Elevate, we believe every venture has the potential to soar. 

New cohorts forming now.