Guiding You to Your First $2M in Revenue.

Elevate Your Business: Bulletproof your business plan, build your revenue strategy, and become investor ready in 12-16 weeks. 


Each week, we meet virtually with a small group of other faith-driven entrepreneurs to pave the way to your first $2M in revenue. Our venture partners are with you every step of the way to provide critical feedback, accountability, and insight. It's time to Elevate your venture.

For New Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs (including coaches & consultants), Startup Founders Seeking Funding, and Small Business CEOs.


{ Next Cohort Starts March 13th. Seating is Limited. }

What to Expect After You Enroll

Once you've enrolled, we will reach out to schedule a one-on-one video call. We're excited to meet you, hear more of your story, and share the exact next steps to prepare for the Incubator.

We'll answer any questions, and confirm this is the very best place for you and your venture.

Next Cohort Starts March 13th. Seating is Limited.

The Transition ...


A step-by-step approach to Raising Revenue and Investor Readiness.

The Reality of The DIY Journey.

The DIY Path: Navigating alone often leads to failure for entrepreneurs, with a high rate of 90% not succeeding due to financial constraints and ineffective revenue or capital raising strategies.

A Guided Step-by-Step Journey: Elevate's approach contrasts this by offering a structured journey towards achieving $2M in revenue and securing venture capital, effectively reducing the risks inherent in the entrepreneurial journey.

Benefits of a Player

Real-time Feedback: Not just generic advice, but tailored insights specific to your venture's current stage.

Led by CanaGlobal's Growth Leaders

Gerald Duran

Founder | Managing Partner


Meet Gerald Duran, the driving force behind CanaGlobal, the world's inaugural faith-driven venture studio. A prodigious 6x serial entrepreneur, Gerald is nothing short of a luminary in the venture studio domain. Unlike many in the venture sphere, Gerald isn’t one to merely spectate. He embodies the spirit of a true operator, opting to lead from the front rather than observing from the sidelines. While many venture capitalists and advisors remain content in the stands, Gerald is fiercely present on the field, paving the way. 

Brenton Collyer

Venture Partner


Meet Brenton, a visionary Venture Partner at CanaGlobal. Known for his early start in entrepreneurship his career is marked by continuous innovation and growth in Kingdom-Driven entrepreneurship. He has built a reputation as a conference initiator for faith-driven leaders and as an engaging writer, speaker, and facilitator. Brenton's experience in early-stage entrepreneurship and his understanding of faith-driven business challenges are invaluable, driving Elevate's vision forward with strategic acumen.

Leah Williams

Venture Partner


Introducing Leah Williams, our esteemed Venture Partner at Elevate Incubator. Leah's journey in the finance and entrepreneurship sector began in the vibrant heart of New York City, where she honed her craft in creating compelling pitch decks that captivated the attention of investors and stakeholders alike. Today, her expertise is dedicated to guiding entrepreneurs who are on the path to raising capital. Leah dedicates her expansive expertise to mentoring entrepreneurs within the Elevate Incubator, focusing on Investor Readiness. Her passion for empowering Kingdom-focused entrepreneurs is unwavering. 

Elevate Incubator

A guided journey for faith-driven founders.


More than just teaching – We Check, Correct, and Celebrate your journey.


Utilize our proven methods in real-time, positioning your venture for rapid growth.


As part of the Elevate Program, tap into our vast network of resources and connections.

RevOps Level 1: The Foundation (12 weeks) - $3000

In our RevOps Level 1 program, your journey to $2M begins. Over twelve weeks, you'll:

  • Develop a solid Revenue Operations playbook, setting the stage for your first $2M
  • Learn to streamline processes for efficiency and growth
  • Lay the foundations for a business poised to scale


Investor Readiness Level 2: The Ascent (Additional 4 Weeks) - $2000

Our Investor Readiness Level 2 program elevates your venture’s potential. In these four weeks, we focus on:

  • Polishing your pitch and business model to resonate with investors
  • Building out your data room
  • Using RevOps to attract faith-driven investors

Combined Power: Full Journey (16 Weeks) - $5000

Join us for the full Elevate experience. Embark on both levels and drive your venture toward that crucial $2M revenue milestone, equipped with investor readiness and infused with your faith and vision.


From Spectator to Player Mode.

Spectator Mode: Within our RevOps Academy, thousands of founders engage with our video content. However, a significant number remain as observers, often missing the opportunity for real-time application and interactive feedback.

Player Mode: A venture's triumph isn't merely about observation; it's about engagement—embracing action, embracing responsibility, and fostering guided advancement. Elevate's faith-inspired ethos represents a dedicated path to not just participate in the race, but to strive for victory.



{Next Cohort Starts March 13th. Seating is Limited. }


Do You Still Have A Question?

We're here to help you decide if the Elevate Incubator is the best next step for you. 

Submit your question, and we'll be in touch shortly.

Elevate Incubator

Elevate Incubator vs. CanaGlobal's Venture Studio


What's the difference between Elevate and CanaGlobal's Venture Studio?

Elevate Incubator

  • Target Stage: Ideal for startups from the conception of an idea to reaching their first $2 million in revenue.
  • Program Focus: A comprehensive, step-by-step process to develop and implement a Revenue Operations (RevOps) playbook. (Level 1)
  • Investor Readiness: Includes specific training for startup founders to prepare for funding opportunities and to attract investors (Level 2)
  • Methodology: Characterized as faith-driven and hands-on, the program is conducted virtually by the Partner Team at CanaGlobal.
  • Duration: The RevOps segment spans 12 weeks, followed by an additional 4-week module focused on investor readiness.

CanaGlobal's Venture Studio (CG Venture Studio)

  • Target Stage: Tailored for ventures that have already achieved a minimum of $2 million in current revenue.
  • Program Focus: Aims to significantly scale businesses, guiding them to reach $100 million.
  • Leadership: Led by CanaGlobal's Managing Partners, emphasizing a fully-immersive and transformative approach to drive profitable revenue and the funding to scale.

In essence, Elevate Incubator is designed for early-stage startups needing guidance from the foundational stages through the initial growth phase, with an emphasis on RevOps strategy and investor readiness. In contrast, CanaGlobal's Venture Studio caters to more established ventures, focusing on substantial growth and scaling.

Embark on a Transformative Journey


Are You Ready? If you believe in your venture and are ready to commit to growth, the Elevate Incubator awaits.

Next Steps: Get Access to Elevate, join the exclusive founder community, and let's turn your vision into a success story.

Our Promise: We're not just offering an incubator; we're offering a transformative journey. With Elevate, we believe every venture has the potential to soar.



 {Next Cohort Starts March 13th. Seating is Limited. }