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Where Entrepreneurs and Investors Gather to Grow their Faith and Discover Purpose. 

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Hybrid Church For Entrepreneurs

The CG hybrid church is where investors and entrepreneurs gather online and in-person to grow their faith and discover deeper purpose. If you see the church as a place to go, perhaps it doesn’t make sense to be combined with a venture capital firm. But we see the church as Jesus described it, an Ekklesia, a people empowered to disciple nations. 

- Cities are built by entrepreneurs.
- Industries are built by entrepreneurs.
- Economies are built by entrepreneurs.
- And America was built by entrepreneurs.

We believe the most powerful force on planet earth is the Ekklesia, God’s instrument for global transformation.

Digital Gatherings

A simple way to invite a fellow entrepreneur.

In Person Gatherings

How we disciple marketplace communities.

Minister To Needs

Where friends share heartfelt needs.

The Dinner Table

Where the disciples did their best work.