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Church For Entrepreneurs at CanaGlobal


Start Here

Connecting Faith, Business, and Potential

Welcome to Church for Entrepreneurs - a dedicated space for visionaries, investors, and aspirants to unite under CanaGlobal’s umbrella. As a pioneering faith-driven venture studio, we recognize the need to bridge the spheres of Faith, Calling, RevOps, and Investor Readiness.

Thursdays at 10a MST. Get a calendar invite.

Each week, via Zoom, we bring together a dynamic community.


April 11, 2024

Who's It For?

Absolutely everyone! Whether you're a seasoned founder, a keen investor, or a future entrepreneur with dreams to chase, Church for Entrepreneurs is your venue to gathering.

Join us, as we collectively embark on journeys of faith-filled entrepreneurship, ensuring every venture not only thrives in the marketplace but also resonates with a higher calling.