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Gerald Duran

Founder | Managing Partner

Meet Gerald Duran, the driving force behind CanaGlobal, the world's inaugural faith-driven venture studio. A prodigious 6x serial entrepreneur, Gerald is nothing short of a luminary in the venture studio domain. Unlike many in the venture sphere, Gerald isn’t one to merely spectate. He embodies the spirit of a true operator, opting to lead from the front rather than observing from the sidelines. While many venture capitalists and advisors remain content in the stands, Gerald is fiercely present on the field, paving the way. 

Benson Agbortogo

Managing Partner

Benson has been in the business growth consulting industry for the over a decade. He is known best as an anointed business mentor with a forward-thinking sixth sense. He is an alpha entrepreneur and a pioneer in the faith driven entrepreneur movement, guiding CEOs to become laser focused on high-growth, scalability and market leadership.

Spencer Dunlap

Chair, High-Impact Entrepreneurship

Meet Spencer, a trailblazer in the intersection of faith and entrepreneurship. With an impressive track record that spans both for-profit and nonprofit sectors, his career is highlighted by successful venture turnarounds and a commitment to profitable revenue growth. His expertise extends beyond the corporate arena; as the founding lead pastor of a megachurch and multiple nonprofit ventures. His dual focus on both the material and spiritual well-being of communities sets him apart as a leader who truly understands the balance between profit and purpose. A respected figure in both the business and faith communities, Spencer's influence extends far beyond organizational boundaries.

Brenton Collyer

Venture Partner, Elevate Pre-Studio Incubator

Meet Brenton, a visionary Venture Partner at Elevate, CanaGlobal's pre-studio incubator for faith-driven founders. Known for his early start in entrepreneurship his career is marked by continuous innovation and growth in Kingdom-Driven entrepreneurship. He has built a reputation as a conference initiator for faith-driven leaders and as an engaging writer, speaker, and facilitator. Brenton's experience in early-stage entrepreneurship and his understanding of faith-driven business challenges are invaluable, driving Elevate's vision forward with strategic acumen.

Leah Williams

Venture Partner, Elevate Pre-Studio Incubator

Introducing Leah Williams, our esteemed Venture Partner at Elevate Incubator. Leah's journey in the finance and entrepreneurship sector began in the vibrant heart of New York City, where she honed her craft in creating compelling pitch decks that captivated the attention of investors and stakeholders alike. Today, her expertise is dedicated to guiding entrepreneurs who are on the path to raising capital. Leah dedicates her expansive expertise to mentoring entrepreneurs within the Elevate Incubator, focusing on Investor Readiness. Her passion for empowering Kingdom-focused entrepreneurs is unwavering. 

Keith Bollig

Venture Partner, Venture Studio, Agility & Leadership

Introducing Keith, a distinguished Venture Partner at CG's venture studio, celebrated for his proficiency in business agility and leadership development. His career spans over two decades as a management consultant and educator, with a notable record of teaching across seven countries. Keith's leadership is transformative, encouraging teams to harness their innate strengths and surpass goals. His invaluable contribution is pivotal in the expansion of CanaGlobal's venture studio.

Jason Whaling

Venture Partner, Head of Agency

Jason Whaling serves as our Head of Agency at CanaGlobal. He is pivotal in driving the Revenue Operations (RevOps) strategy across the studio's ventures and projects. Known for his expertise in digital growth, Jason excels in audience engagement and lead generation, leveraging innovative content, direct marketing, and social media campaigns. His approach to RevOps fosters strategic growth and a culture of innovation within CanaGlobal.

Leslie Duran

Chair, Leadership Development Advisory Board

Meet our esteemed Chair of our Leadership Development Advisory Board.  With over three decades, Leslie is a seasoned professional who has dedicated her career to helping organizations navigate complex leadership challenges, with a focus on building high-performing teams and developing effective leadership strategies. 

Leslie's extensive experience includes serving as a leadership development leader to some of the world's largest corporations, advising on issues ranging from leadership development to culture transformation.

Kay Clarity

Venture Partner, Parallel Entertainment Industry 

Meet Kay Clarity, our Venture Partner with a rich history in the entertainment realm as a singer, writer, and seasoned entrepreneur. With a keen academic mind and a flair for innovative entrepreneurship, Kay is instrumental in crafting entrepreneurial zones in small towns. Her pivotal role connects top-tier artists with astute investors, fostering a new era of entertainment. By equipping artists with competitive skills and forging strong investor relationships, Kay is catalyzing a vibrant nexus for entertainment excellence and entrepreneurial spirit within our ecosystem.

Justin Clark

Venture Partner, NextGen Entrepreneurship

Meet a Justin Clark, a Kingdom Builder at heart, Justin embodies a blend of seasoned entrepreneurial acumen and artistic flair. His journey has seen him excel in the home services domain, creating a legacy marked by innovation and sustained growth. At CanaGlobal, Justin is channeling his diverse experiences to nurture and empower the next generation of entrepreneurs. 

Through his efforts, Justin is not only catalyzing entrepreneurial success but is also advancing the mission of building the Kingdom of God within the modern entrepreneurial landscape.

Brian Mangels

Venture Partner, NextGen Entrepreneurship

Meet Brian Mangels, a distinguished Venture Partner at the forefront of nurturing a new wave of faith-driven founders. With a rich heritage in the home services industry, Brian’s collaboration with CanaGlobal embarks on an audacious co-mission aimed at fostering restoration, renewal, and revival.

His acumen and altruistic vision are instrumental in guiding budding entrepreneurs on a path imbued with faith and purpose.