A Tailored Journey For Every Entrepreneur

Where Faith and Ambition Intertwine

Welcome to CanaGlobal, the world’s first faith-driven venture studio. Whether you're taking your first step or scaling new heights, your journey aligns with a unique calling, and we’re here to guide you on this purpose-driven path.


To ensure we cater to your specific needs, let's identify where you stand today.


For the one-person business, including coaches, consultants and new entrepreneurs,  charting their own path and wearing all the hats, and forging ahead with tenacity.


Small Business CEO

For the leaders steering their teams, cultivating cultures, and building lasting legacies.


Startup Founder Seeking VC

For the visionaries with big dreams, revolutionary ideas, and the drive to seek investment for exponential growth.


Unified in Purpose

Regardless of your entrepreneurial stage, at CanaGlobal, we believe that every venture can be an embodiment of faith and purpose. Recognize your journey, tap into our resources, and let’s build a business legacy that resonates with a higher calling.

Gerald Duran, Founder | Managing Partner