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Pioneering Faith-Driven Growth


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The world's first faith-driven venture studio.


Founded in 2016, CanaGlobal revolutionized the venture landscape by becoming the world's first faith-driven venture studio. At the heart of our mission lies the blend of divine inspiration and astute business acumen.

Not Just Any Venture. We're Selective.

We're not in the business of mere seed funding or early-stage explorations. We partner with ventures that have already showcased substantial promise, accepting those with a minimum of $2 million in revenue.

Our Distinctive Growth Blueprint ...


Here's what our journey together looks like.

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Once onboard, we don't just advise - we commit. We sculpt a dedicated studio team around your venture.


With our team at your side, watch your revenue soar to $10 million over a 2-5 year timeframe.


And we don't stop there. After laying a robust foundation, we fund and guide your venture to skyrocket to $100 million.


Not Spectators.

While there are countless VCs, coaches, and advisors out there, most are content watching from the bleachers. We're different. We're on the field with you, leading the charge. Our commitment? Not just to lead, but to roll up our sleeves and get the job done. We demonstrate, model, and ensure replicable success.

RevOps: Your Growth Engine

 Forget mere operational setups. We dive deeper. CanaGlobal installs a comprehensive Revenue Operations (RevOps) infrastructure for your venture. This isn't just about generating revenue – it's about profitable, sustainable growth.


Join Us in a Journey of Faith & Growth

At CanaGlobal, faith is our compass and excellence is our path. If you're a venture with a vision that aligns with ours, let's join forces and redefine success together.