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Confidence in God. Nov 08, 2023

Faith is the confidence in God that leads to obedience to God.

> True faith is based on what God says and is demonstrated in what we do.

> People with faith do things for God, and God does things for them.

We need faith for:

- worshiping
- working
- walking
- waiting
- and warring

In any area of...

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Thrive under a different set of rules? Nov 05, 2023

In times of economic challenges, what if your business could thrive under a different set of rules? It can. 

No matter happens in the world or in your present circumstances, you are protected from economic storms through God's promises and favor.

Here's just one of the...

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History repeats itself with Christian entrepreneurs. Nov 05, 2023

History repeats itself.

Especially with Christian entrepreneurs.

Thought: Jesus' first disciples were entrepreneurs, not ministers.

Allow me to connect some dots >  >>  >>> 

> The fact that Israel was delivered from Egypt was not a...

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Join us: Church for Entrepreneurs. Nov 03, 2023

"I am 8 minutes into the Church For Entrepreneurs Zoom Group and the opening prayer has refocused my mindset." (from a first-timer)

Seven years ago God directed me to wind down my secular venture studio to launch CanaGlobal. I was obedient to His call and we launched the world's first...

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Chase dreams so bold they label you mad. Nov 02, 2023

Chase dreams so bold they label you mad.

Goliath tasks, often deemed too vast, can overwhelm. Critics voice doubt, yet divine grace tips scales beyond worldly means.

Recall Nehemiah: Jerusalem's walls lay in ruin, a daunting challenge. Despite being miles away, resourceless,...

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Most entrepreneurs will fail. Nov 01, 2023

Take heed: Most entrepreneurs will fail

Here's my take on all the failure.

First, the idea of all the failure is unbearable to me. It actually makes my heart hurt. Yet, we're told 90% will

And it's not just the startup founders, it's also the small business CEOs....

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Start the day looking in the mirror. Nov 01, 2023

It's good to start the day looking in the mirror.

- To see who God says we are
- To see who He says we are to become
- To see the areas that need improvement. 
- To see the sin that must get worked out.

But the mirror is about self. Too much time there and...

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The economy isn't my source. Oct 31, 2023

The economy isn't my source. God is.

And God isn’t having a down year.

So if you are struggling, remember this promise found in Psalm 81:10. It’s still active today:

- For it was I, Jehovah your God
- Who brought you out of the land of Egypt
- Only test me
- Open your mouth wide
- See...

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There's a tendency to redefine success among the less experienced. Oct 29, 2023

Are you playing to just participate, or are you in it to win it? 

True faith-driven entrepreneurs know that mediocrity in business is not humility, it's a disservice to our calling. 

>> In the entrepreneurial world, especially among the less experienced, there's a...

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Why 90% Fail. Oct 29, 2023

Ever wonder why 70% dream of entrepreneurship, yet 90% of them fail? 

Let's dissect that.

The entrepreneurial journey isn't just a smooth sail; it's a rollercoaster of highs and lows. Beware of anyone claiming otherwise - they're probably pitching a sale.

This dream, fueled by a...

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Rethinking Patience. Oct 27, 2023

Rethinking Patience: Why It's More Than Just Waiting for Faith-Driven Entrepreneurs.

In our journey as entrepreneurs, particularly in the faith-driven space, we often hear that "patience is a virtue." While there's profound truth in this, I've observed that sometimes, what masquerades as...

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The true meaning of prosperity. Oct 26, 2023

As faith-driven founders, we often contemplate the true meaning of prosperity

The Bible references prosperity over 82 times, yet its essence in our lives and businesses remains widely misunderstood.

Biblical prosperity isn't just about wealth or success in conventional...

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