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Vision, Goals & Expectations. Mar 28, 2023

Here’s my approach to personal and business vision, goals and expectations.

I am expecting God to open up the windows of heaven, to pour out His unprecedented favor, with supernatural opportunities and increase.

My faith in His Word sets the expectation. (Ephesians 3:20)

- Now to Him who is...

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God calls us into partnership with Him. Mar 27, 2023

When God wants to get a job done, He calls Christ-followers into partnership with Him.

- He equips them
- He gives them His plan

This is how we co-create with the Creator.

And then He does this, He calls others to:

- Help us
- And to provide the needed resources

I love that when God wants a work...

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The economy is not my source. Mar 24, 2023

The economy is not my source.

God is.

And God isn’t having a down year.

So if you are struggling, remember this promise found in Psalm 81:10. It’s still active today:

- For it was I, Jehovah your God
- Who brought you out of the land of Egypt
- Only test me
- Open your mouth wide
- See if...

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When Your Faith & Actions Agree. Mar 23, 2023

When you go to God, go to Him with your positive expectations.

Make your planning and preparation match your expectations.

There is no limit to what you can do with God. Do you believe this?

Then make your faith and actions agree.

How? Ask the Holy Spirit to control your soul (mind, will and...

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Asking God to throw you a bone. Mar 22, 2023

Have you ever had a dog politely staring at you at the dinner table, hoping his master will throw him a bone?

That’s totally me when I’m asking God to advance His timeline, and throw me a bone.

Sometimes, after waiting and waiting and waiting, I approach God with a shameless audacity....

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Peace and Joy don't come from ideal circumstances. Mar 21, 2023

Peace and Joy don't come from ideal circumstances.

They come from Jesus.

How do you get peace and joy?

#1 - It's a biblical promise from God that you can have the peace of Jesus.

#2 - It comes through spending much time being present, in the presence of Jesus, and through reading the promises...

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Struggling to overcome a tough season? Mar 20, 2023

Struggling to overcome a tough season? Here's the truth you need to hear: You can't just pray it away. Let's talk about embracing the journey and trusting in God's plan.

You see, there are some seasons of struggle that are simply part of God's plan for us, and we can't...

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Ba’al-Perazim wins. Mar 17, 2023

A competitor offered me the CEO role at their company.

It’s a pattern that has repeated itself 5x.

One with revenues more than 2x mine offered me the CEO role, a mid 6-figure salary, a 49% equity stake, and 50% of the profits.

The offers have come from competitors and clients.

When I say...

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Complaining is the language of victims. Mar 16, 2023

Reality check!

Complaining is the language of victims.

It kept an entire generation from reaching their destiny, the promised land.
It will keep you from reaching yours.

God balances our lives and gives us enough problems to keep us humble, and enough blessings to keep us happy.

But you’ll...

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Anything less than the complete truth is essentially a lie. Mar 15, 2023

If you're not curious for the truth, you'll end up doubling-down on lies — because you were too stupid to ask WHY.

If you lack the curiosity to uncover the truth, you're bound to cling to falsehoods, doubling down on them because you were too foolish to question...

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Keep Diggin' Ditches Mar 14, 2023

Hey there, my fellow Faith Driven Founders! If you're looking to get in it to win it with God, then you gotta roll up your sleeves and start diggin' some ditches.

Let me tell you, when you're on a journey towards your God-given dream, things can dry up real quick, and you might feel like giving...

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From a $2.4M to $12M annualized run-rate! Mar 13, 2023

I had a sudden revenue shift in one of my ventures, going from $200,000 to $1 million in monthly sales. The shift happened over 30 days.

We hit a roadblock at $200k per month and tried various tactics to accelerate growth, but we were stuck in the mud for 11 months straight.

We kept at it,...

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