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How do you measure success? Mar 06, 2023

As an entrepreneur, how do you measure your success?

If we’re honest, I think it’s instinctive to measure our personal success by the performance of our careers, businesses, and the wealth we generate.

After all …

- Big income
- Debt free
- A wonderful family
- Nice house
- Great...

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We have 3 images of identity. Mar 03, 2023

Two of them are false and a complete waste of time.

#1 - Projected Image - How you want others to see you
#2 - Perceived Image - How others actually see you
#3 - Actual Image - How God sees you

Deep inside everyone is a need and drive for significance.

- A craving to be known
- To have...

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When God prepares a table for us right in front of our enemies Mar 02, 2023

We all have enemies, those who dislike us, or creeps who actively wish us harm.

And this makes them soooo stinkin' mad.

I love it when God prepares a table for us right in front of our enemies. When our cup overflows with His blessings.

"You prepare a feast for me in the presence of my enemies. You...

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Are you a slave to your calendar? Mar 01, 2023

I am.

Maybe you should be too.

Naturally, I have control over what goes on my calendar, but once a task is scheduled, I commit to completing it during the designated day/hour.

I have a clear idea of what I will achieve during each hour of every day throughout the week.

Investing our time wisely...

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Good leader vs Great leader? Feb 28, 2023

What's the difference?

- Good leaders fix what's broke.
- Great leaders fix what (to others) isn't broke.

As a good leader, you may focus on identifying and solving problems in your organization or team. However, as a great leader, you understand that it's not just about fixing what's broken, but...

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What makes a business succeed beyond all expectations? Feb 27, 2023

What makes a business succeed beyond all expectations?

As a VC and venture studio mentor, I can tell you that achieving extraordinary success isn't just about having a great product or service. It's about having a mindset that's focused on continuous improvement and a willingness to take risks...

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Activate Your Superpower. Feb 23, 2023

Every faith driven founder has a superpower, an ability that comes from God.

You have it, even if you don't know what it is, it's already planted inside you.

Let me explain, we all have a calling from God, it's the thing God created us to do.

- A plan and purpose.
- Seasons with assignments.


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When the storms of life hit? Feb 21, 2023

It's easy to believe God is in control when everything is going good.

But what about when the storms of life hit? When life isn't working out the way we planned it.

Here's what I've learned about storms.

- First, God has to allow them.
- He is always in 100% control.
- He will use the winds of the...

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Are you putting all your chips on God? Feb 20, 2023

Are you putting all your chips on God — to pull off something amazing in your business?

I Am. Here's why.

- I'm actually co-creating with God.
- He's my business partner and #1 investor.

Why? He's already got the plan.

"For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord,...

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Your business is a gift from God!?!?! Feb 17, 2023

Do you believe that?

If so, have you committed your plans and efforts to Jesus, trusting in His unmerited favor, wisdom, and strength?

No matter your growth stage, seek to lead it with integrity and purpose, putting the needs of others before your own.

I know that some may not understand the role of...

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Is it still a great time to start a new company? Feb 16, 2023

The question is, is it still a great time to start a new company?

Well, let me tell you something - some of the biggest, baddest brand-name companies were actually started during recessions and downturns. That's right! It's often these companies that end up becoming industry leaders, and you could...

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This is not a suggestion, it's a call to action. Feb 15, 2023

To my fellow Faith Driven Investors & Founders.

God has a big plan for you, and it's time to step up and make it happen.

He's calling upon the faith-driven among us to fulfill the great commission, to disciple people and nations, just like it's written in two of the gospels.

This is not a...

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