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I see a predictable pattern! Oct 31, 2022

I see a predictable pattern as to why founders don't get funded.

>> They don't have Founder/Investor Fit.
>> Which is exactly like Product/Market Fit.

And to fix this, they'll have to rewire their thinking.

When it comes to investors (or donors for nonprofits), there is ...

- Dumb money

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Is the pursuit of the American Dream over? Oct 24, 2022

Is the pursuit of the American Dream over?

No, but here's what has changed.

This has been the American Dream for so many. The world desires the American Dream.

- land a great career
+ marry the love of your life
+ buy your dream home

What's changed is the notion that working for someone else, or...

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Embracing Failure Oct 21, 2022

Great entrepreneurs have learned how to fail.

In fact, it's said we will have to invent and fail ten times for every success.

So, if you want your venture to succeed, you'll have to embrace failure to learn what doesn't work.

Don't sulk. Invent.

Do this over and over. I call this cracking-the-code.


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Two biblical promises I invoke daily. Oct 20, 2022

There are two biblical promises I invoke by faith, daily.

1. God's promises to protect me.
2. God's promises to bless me.

His hedge of protection doesn't mean I will live a life free of trouble. In fact, He actually guarantees I will experience much trouble because of my faith.

What He promises to do...

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3 Distinctives Iconic Entrepreneurs Possess Oct 19, 2022

The idea that everybody can be an entrepreneur and create a startup is simply false. But I believe entrepreneurship can be taught. Here are 3 Distinctives iconic entrepreneurs possess.

1. Their solution is a Painkiller not a Vitamin.

2. They understand Not Knowing the difference between Wishful...

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Don't be a cloud with no rain. Oct 18, 2022

The most ineffective faith-driven entrepreneurs believe in God — but not everything in the Bible. They have become clouds with no rain. All hat no cattle.

Look, even satan believes in God. He's just no longer a follower.

You can't believe in the Bible if you don't study it.

- I see the Bible ...

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My Visceral Aversion to Inefficiency. Oct 17, 2022

I have a visceral aversion to inefficiency. Especially with church.

The net net — is a pagan culture.

- Like the 94% of Christ followers who lack a biblical worldview.
- And the 60% of pastors who have become woke, without a biblical worldview.

But this has led to some interesting conversations...

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Pagan Christianity has opened the floodgates to pagan sexuality. Oct 13, 2022

Pagan Christianity has opened the floodgates to pagan sexuality.

But it's not just Godless sexuality, it's ...

- pagan science
- pagan government
- pagan religion
- pagan media
- pagan business
- pagan families
- pagan education
- pagan arts and entertainment

Look around, we have slowly and suddenly become...

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I'm not a Christian Nationalist ... I'm worse! Oct 12, 2022

I'm worse, a Kingdom Globalist.

Christian Nationalism was invented by woke globalist tyrants to censor and deplatform Christ followers driven by faith, purpose, freedom and the Kingdom of God.

Recently Woke Christianity has joined hands with this reprobate cabal.

Look, God created everything. It's...

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Solving problems at a global scale. Oct 10, 2022

Venture Fund. Venture Studio. Church?

- how do the three of these fit together?
- better than you'd think ...

Venture Fund - Kingdom capital for Kingdom causes
Venture Studio - Mentorship or AKA discipleship.
Church - Ekklesia authorized to redeem the world.

Jesus paid the price to redeem people and...

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How often do you realign your personal and business goals? Oct 09, 2022

How often do you realign your personal and business goals?

- For as long as I can remember, I make Q4 of every year a reset.
- I get to re-define and re-design my version of success ...

I take a pause to ...

1. reset
2. realign

... my personal and business goals.

From my view, everything is...

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Money and Wealth Doesn't Change People. Oct 07, 2022

It makes you more of who you already are. For the good or bad.

If you are a big jerk — money will make you a bigger jerk.
If you are a control freak — money will make you into a monster.
If you are insecure — money will make you paranoid.
If you are generous — money...

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