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Are we a business that is also a ministry? Dec 16, 2023

Sometimes I'm confused. Are we (CanaGlobal) a business that is also a ministry? Or are we a ministry that is also a business?

The lines are blurred.

Make no mistake, we are a faith-driven venture studio that is enormously profitable, a for-profit business that is also faith-driven....

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Weā€™re on a battleship not a cruise ship. Dec 14, 2023

Entrepreneurs, do you want to see God’s multiplication in your life?

Then share what you’ve learned about connecting the dots between business, purpose, success and faith.

Connect the dots for people. And do it on LinkedIn.

If you are a follower of Jesus Christ,...

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God will multiply what you already have. Dec 13, 2023

Instead of telling God what He needs to do to grow your business and revenue, ask Him to show you how He will multiply what you already have.

God did just that when He fed the 5000. He multiplied what they already had.

Instead of being so fixated on runway, runway, runway. (VC)
Focus on revenue,...

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God gives us the Power and Ability to create wealth. Dec 12, 2023

God gives us the Power and Ability to create wealth. 

The question is why?

Wealth is a tool that can be used for building up Babylon — or the Kingdom of God.

Note: The wealth of the unsaved is stored up for the righteous.

Wealth is a gift from God that...

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FIRE: 60 seconds from Church for Entrepreneurs Dec 11, 2023

I don't trust anyone unless they have a slight limp.

I need to know they've been through the fire.

That's where all of us are refined. In the fire.

So if you're going through the fire right now, consider it God's finishing school.

Whatever God allows, He'll use it to refine you, and prosper you....

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Seeking venture capital? Dec 10, 2023

Every Kingdom-minded startup founder seeking venture capital is experiencing this.


It's really really hard to raise capital in the current climate. (I blame climate change), Ha!

Your approach to Kingdom-minded startup investors couldn't more polar opposite...

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The battle is about power, politics and nations. Dec 10, 2023

The Secret Power (anointing) of I AM.

God chooses who He chooses.

And this makes others mad as hell.

When God chose King David, he was just a teen.

Nevertheless, God chose David for a big job.

A David versus Goliath job.

Make no mistake, the battle was about power,...

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Don't be dependent on credit or investors. Dec 09, 2023

As an entrepreneur, as long as you have cash you get to stay in business.

It can come from customers or investors. Perhaps both.

If you run out of cash, you go out of business. Simple.

My philosophy has always been not to be dependent on credit or investors, to instead...

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How do you take your Christianity? Dec 08, 2023

As as Christian entrepreneur, how do you take your Christianity?

Full-Strength vs Half-Strength vs No-Strength 

It all depends on your view of the Bible.

No-Strength: I don't believe the Bible is the infallible Word of God. 

Half-Strength: I believe the Bible is the...

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The opportunity is right in front of you. Dec 06, 2023

If you are a Christian entrepreneur, it's important to understand the signs of the times, and the opportunity right in front of you. 

Only then will the door before you open.

If you hadn't noticed, the world is experiencing a great shaking. The Church (body...

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Waiting for Your Breakthrough. Dec 05, 2023

When you are waiting for your breakthrough, is God waiting on you or are you waiting on God?

It can be frustrating when you’re already doing everything and still not seeing the breakthrough you desire. Especially when God promises to give us the desires of our hearts.

If God is...

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Just flip it. Dec 02, 2023

 Most underachievers invent reasons why they can’t do something.

Here’s a 100x Truth that will demolish the lie.

Just flip it. Go topsy-turvy. 

>> Invest your energy in how you can. Simple.

When people tell me why they can’t — along...

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