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Are coaches and consultants entrepreneurs?

Feb 06, 2024

Are coaches and consultants entrepreneurs? The awakened ones are.

Too many are operating as freelancers instead of true entrepreneurs.

What's the difference? Probably a RevOps playbook and roadmap.

Like a lot of freelancers in this gig economy, they are gifted.

But they don't have a system for:

#1 - Demand Generation around Buyer Journey

#2 - Lead Generation

#3 - Sales Pipeline Performance

The system they have is outdated and isn't producing. So their revenue isn't growing. In fact, it's a rollercoaster full of ups and downs. 

No consistent revenue.
No consistent paycheck. 

Here's the pattern I see. Most coaches and consultants are great teachers. But they haven't been great learners of the digital shifts in marketing and sales (RevOps).

>> Here's the awakening.

Yes you are a great teacher.
But you must also be a continuous learner.

Especially you who are followers of Jesus Christ. God wishes to use you greatly in this new season. You are co-missioned with Him to bring light into darkness.

But there are three things you'll have to master first.

#1 - Remove all unbelief from your life. You'll have to develop the faith that moves mountains.

#2 - Embrace God's call on you and your business for this season. A new wineskin.

#3 - Master RevOps. It's the only way you will reach the audience God wants you to reach in the marketplace. 

This will be your awakening. Please, answer the call.

Why? Because God's about to turn your water into wine.


>> Some of you have been contemplating a Biblical fast. Do it.

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