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Getting in front of investors.

Feb 02, 2024

The key to getting in front of investors?

Be in front of them daily with your content on LinkedIn.

Every time you are writing content on LinkedIn, whether you know it or not, you are pitching.

You are telling your story.

You are writing about the big problem you are solving.

Writing knowing that potential investors are seeing your content.

It's the same principle with a RevOps demand-generation strategy to drive future customers to your website. But instead you'll be driving future investors to it.

Through your content, you'll be

#1 - creating the awareness of your cause and startup

#2 - helping future investors understand what it is you are doing

#3 - creating interest because you are solving an investment problem for them

#4 - developing respect for your brand

#5 - earning their trust

#6 - getting them to buy-in

#7 - creating the perfect timing

These are the seven stages of Buyer Journey in a RevOps strategy. 80% of their journey will happen through reading your compelling content BEFORE you ever meet them. 

Think about how powerful that is. 

This is as simple as leveraging a RevOps strategy for both customers and investors.

I write one post a day. My posts drive about 20,000+ entrepreneurs/investors to CanaGlobal's site every month.

Anyone can do this. Everyone should.

Learn RevOps. It's something every founder masters at Elevate, our pre-studio Incubator and in our Venture Studio at CanaGlobal. 


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