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You can’t receive anything from God by hope Jul 26, 2023

I believe I’m going to get saved, that is to become a follower of Jesus Christ.


I am saved.

What’s the difference?

The difference is hope vs. faith.

You can’t get saved by hope. Only faith.

See the difference? Do you get it?

- Hope is future tense.

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Sharing what you've learned. Jul 25, 2023

Do you want to see God’s multiplication in your life?

Then share what you’ve learned about business, purpose, success and faith.

Connect the dots for people. Do it on social media, especially LinkedIn.

If you are a follower of Jesus Christ, be a...

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Oak Trees vs. Unicorns Jul 24, 2023

Not all VCs are out to invest in the next silicon valley unicorn.

We’re not. We’re investing in founders pursuing God assignments in the marketplace.

We’re not chasing the next unicorn, instead we’re investing our resources into ‘Oak Trees’.

We search...

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Never get these 3 growth stages out of order. Jul 21, 2023

When I’m growing a venture to its first 10M in revs …

I never get these 3 growth stages out of order.

It's what I've done for my own ventures. It's what we do in the Venture Studio.

It’s how we can generate much revenue before we fund to scale.

These are the 3 growth stages...

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Anyone “trying” to sell me never gets the sale. Jul 20, 2023

It’s not hard to sell to me if you know I love to buy.

But anyone “trying” to sell me never gets the sale.

Here’s why.

Every buyer has something called a preferred buyer journey. It’s a journey that begins with buyer awareness and ends...

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What are your next steps? Jul 19, 2023

We’re all a couple of steps away from reaching our destiny?

The question is, what are the next steps?

Miss them, you’ll completely miss your destiny.

What I’ve learned over the years is that there are always “X” number of steps I have to go through to reach...

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Freedom to generate prosperity through Jesus Christ. Jul 18, 2023

Today, I'm rejoicing in the liberty that allows me to harness my God-bestowed talents, making a profound and positive difference in the lives of people and the world at large.

Entrepreneurship has emerged as the new 'homeownership' of this decade, and it's only set to grow in the...

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Two things that will make your life miserable. Jul 17, 2023

Two things that will make your life miserable.

- chasing wealth
- worrying

Do this instead …

- meet Jesus
- follow Jesus

You’ll find …

- forgiveness and love

- a new way of life

- total peace

- life without doubt, fear or worry

- a plan and purpose for your entire life

- a...

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To receive everything Jesus ... Jul 14, 2023

If you want to receive everything Jesus has for you, starting with salvation, hoping won’t get you there.

Only faith will.

Hope is for the future. Faith is for now.

There’s a big difference between hope and faith.

Jesus said, “according to your...

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The relentless pursuit of growth. Jul 13, 2023

In my entrepreneurial journey I've been blessed with the opportunity to initiate and be a part of multiple fast-growing companies that went on to define their respective markets.

The path to growth for each of these ventures unfolded in unique ways, taking different forms.

Let's be...

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Understanding RevOps. Jul 12, 2023

How “every” CanaGlobal portfolio company will reach its first 10M in our venture studio.

When we’re developing a RevOps blueprint to reach our first 10M in revenue, our team knows we’re only “X” meetings away from hitting $833k/mo (10M).


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How we set/achieve revenue goals. Jul 11, 2023

I am a trauma surgeon for business.

Here’s how we set/achieve revenue goals at CanaGlobal’s venture studio.

Our Northstar for every portfolio company is to drive their first 10M in sales.

They all come in with a minimum of 2M in revs. ($166k/mo)

So we have to work...

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