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My definition of prosperity and success goes beyond money.

Oct 15, 2023

So many Faith Driven Founders aren't sure if it's God's will to PROSPER them.

People often overlook the true meaning of happiness when they hear the words "prosperity and success." 

They fail to realize that true happiness lies in every aspect of their lives.

When I say "my life goal is to be prosperous and successful," some may question my motive, thinking it's just about accumulating wealth. 

But my definition of prosperity and success goes beyond money.

I strive for prosperity and success in:

- my purpose and faith

- my role as a husband and father

- my relationships

- my finances

- my health

- my businesses

Just like Joshua, who led God's children into their promised land as instructed by God, prosperity and success were crucial for his survival, his family, and his community.

Here are two questions to reflect upon:

IF/WHAT - If you had a magic wand, what changes would you make in your life?

WHAT/IF - What would you dare to achieve in every aspect of your life if you had unlimited resources and the assurance of success? 

Visualize it in your mind, do you have the clarity to see it? If not, are you willing to work towards it?

What sacrifices are you willing to make to attain your heart's desires?

in priority?
in focus?
in time?
in energy?
and in money?

One of my mentors once taught me, "If you can't see it, you can't have it, but anything you can visualize, you can attain." 

I've been following this principle ever since.

I write down my visions and goals annually and review them daily.

I jot down my vision.

I calculate the cost of achieving it.

I invest in learning the necessary skills to reach my goals.

I build my faith by relying on the over 6000 biblical promises that apply to me.

Remember this, your future isn't limited by your present circumstances. It's determined by your perception of what's achievable, the magnitude of your dreams, and most importantly, God's plan and purpose for your life.

When you believe in God's biblical promises, anything becomes possible for you!

Unleash Your Prosperity and Success!


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