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Are you overlooking the ultimate playbook?

Oct 19, 2023

Are Christian entrepreneurs overlooking the ultimate playbook?

Dive into the 6000+ divine promises waiting to elevate your journey.

Today I feel led to explore the curious case of Christian entrepreneurs & God’s promises. 

Their seems to be a great disconnect.

#1 - A Mountain of Promises:  

The Bible is the infallible Word of God, it houses over 6000 plus promises for us. These aren’t just mere words, but actionable insights and guiding principles tailored for various life circumstances, including entrepreneurship. 

>> God's Word has the power to change your circumstances.

#2 - The Shocking Statistic

Shockingly, only 6% percent of believers claim to possess a Biblical worldview. This is concerning, especially when fewer than 15% actually engage with the Bible regularly. In a world where the right mentorship and guidance are gold, we’re ignoring the richest source.

#3 - Are We Really Interested?

Christian entrepreneurs, we must question our authenticity of faith and zeal. If we’re genuinely interested in what God has to say, wouldn’t we plunge into His Word, seeking direction and promises especially tailored for us? 

Let’s fuel our curiosity and engage more deeply with the treasury of God’s promises. After all, a promise from the Creator is the best backing an entrepreneur can get.

🙏 Entrepreneurs, let’s not just be driven by markets and trends. Dive into the Word, and discover the divine promises waiting for you.


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