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My unfair advantage is insider information.

Oct 20, 2023

My unfair advantage is insider information.

When people ask me the secret behind my 40 years of success as a serial entrepreneur and an operator at CanaGlobal, a faith-driven venture studio, I point upwards. Why? I believe I have "inside-information" not from boardrooms, but from God himself.

Divine Navigation: As a spirit-filled founder, my journey hasn’t been devoid of challenges. Yet, in every crossroad, in every decision, I felt an inner guidance - a voice, if you will, that knew the terrain ahead even when I didn't. His name is the Holy Spirit.

Consistency is Key: My faith is not a Sunday-only affair. It’s an everyday commitment. By dedicating time every morning to meet with God and studying the Bible, I've been equipped with wisdom that transcends market analysis and business forecasts.

It’s Accessible: The most beautiful part? This isn’t exclusive to me. ANY entrepreneur can tap into this unparalleled source of insight. Imagine having the Creator of the universe as your business consultant!

In a world brimming with data, sometimes the most valuable insights aren't found in charts or reports but in quiet moments of reflection and connection with God Himself. If you're seeking a competitive edge, consider starting your day with the Author of life. 🙏✨


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