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Entrepreneurship wasn't meant to be a solo journey.

Jan 29, 2024

Entrepreneurship wasn't meant to be a solo journey.

You don't have to be overwhelmed doing it alone. In fact doing-it-alone is probably a huge mistake.

For those of you who know me, you already know I've dedicated my life to making it more of a guided journey, step-by-step.

Have you ever bought something online and when it gets delivered, it's in a million pieces that you now have to put together, alone?

Without step-by-step instructions and if your lucky, the guided YouTube videos, the experience can be extremely frustrating.

If putting together some furniture can cause you that much trouble, you can imagine attempting to build your business without proper instructions.

 >> The miserable results of entrepreneurs who wing it: 90% fail unnecessarily!

I believe most failure is totally preventable. Especially for the faith-driven founder.

I also know building a high-growth business CAN BE more step-by-step than one thinks.

>> There is an actual order and a priority, and if you follow them, you are likely to succeed. And you get good at them, you will succeed wildly.

But what's your part? You only have to be willing to learn, prepare and plan BEFORE you execute. But what if you've already launched with a SHAKY foundation? Then shore it up, for anyone who built on sand, God's in the foundation repair business. 

I did. My first business failed miserably for a whole year before I committed to invest in my foundation.  

In my experience, if you are faith-driven, there are two sides to this coin ...

#1 - Faith and Calling
#2 - RevOps (modern marketing & sales)

And #3 if you are a startup founder seeking funding, investor readiness.

No need to do it alone, God's here and we're here for you.

What you've been praying for, IS HERE. Your ship has come in. Get on board!


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