The most dangerous person in a business.

Nov 14, 2023

The most dangerous person in a business is an amateur pretending to be an expert.

It's like a child making adult decisions. The results will be devastating.

Whether you are a founder trying to launch a startup or an experienced small business CEO, unless you could land a job tomorrow as a Chief Revenue Officer, you are most likely more of an amateur than an expert at customer acquisition and developing a RevOps playbook.

Unless you are an expert in this area, you need to find one and do what they say. It's unthinkable that you would attempt to represent yourself in a legal battle because unless you are an experienced trial attorney — you are an amateur.

>> No shame in that.

The staggering 90% failure rate of entrepreneurs can be prevented if you admit that you can't be an expert in every area. It's time to recognize that being an amateur is okay and lean into expert advice.

If you aren't getting the traction you need to generate ample revenue, you need to:

- Stop doing certain things
- Start doing different things

Wishful thinking isn't going to cut it, you are just plain failing at RevOps. Don't double-down on this stupidity. Instead, let the failure become the manure for your growth.

One of my favorite faith-driven entrepreneurs was the tent-maker, the Apostle Paul. He was a Tough Love Guy.

- He would correct
- He would rebuke
- Then, He would encourage

He said: "Be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage—with great patience and careful instruction."

Love that. Need to learn RevOps? No problem, you can become an expert.

#1 - Enroll into our RevOps digital academy (it's free)
#2 - Attend our Church for Entrepreneurs zoom call
#3 - For accountability, join Elevate, our pre-studio incubator
#4 - And for those swinging for the fences, explore our venture studio at CanaGlobal

There's no need to fail alone when we can win together!


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