I always know what's wrong and what to do.

Nov 13, 2023

I've been fixing and growing companies with great (God's) success for 40 years.

I always know what's wrong and what to do. Here's how.

Whether I meet a founder in our Thursday Church for Entrepreneurs zoom call, in Elevate our pre-studio incubator, or in our actual CanaGlobal venture studio, the Holy Spirit has given me crystal clear discernment. 

- I can immediately see what's wrong

- I can see what needs to be done and in what order

- And I know what God will do

My discernment isn't perfect, but it's right on the money about 95-99% of the time. My discernment is from the Holy Spirit. He gives me four views.

#1 - Insight (what's wrong in the business)

#2 - Oversight (a God view of what's missing spiritually)

#3 - Hindsight (what happened in the past to reach this place)

#4 - Foresight (a business and spiritual view of the future, what God has planned)

I call this quad-vision. 

I know this is a gift from God. While I know that this gift is available to all, I also realize most founders lack this. My assignment is to equip you with this gift IF you are willing to learn.

>> Here's what God promises to do with you.

He will give you Wisdom (hokma)

He will give you Understanding (bina)

He will give you Knowledge (dat)

(the Hebrew root)

You'll get wisdom from spending time in the Word

You'll get understanding from the Holy Spirit

And by faith you will get the Knowledge to act (know-how)

Those who reject this will fail unnecessarily. It's why 90% of entrepreneurs fail. Hosea 4:6. They don't know what they don't know.

If you want help to grow, join us in our faith-driven ecosystem, watch God change your water into wine.


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