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Are you in a season where nothing seems to be working out?

May 15, 2024

Are you in a season where nothing seems to be working out? Perhaps I'm writing this to you. 

I've never seen someone fail this much. 

- Born into poverty 

- His family forced into homelessness at age 7. 

- His mom dies at age 9. 

- His first business failed miserably. 

- A year later he failed at running for the state legislature. 

- Lost his job that same year. 

- Failed at attempting to get into law school. 

- He tried another business but failed.  

- Filed for bankruptcy

- Spent the next 17 years paying off the debt. 

- Fell in love, got engaged, she died

- Had a nervous breakdown, bedridden for six months.  

- Tried politics again, failed miserably

- Two years later, tried again and failed

- Three years later, tried again and lost

- Six years later ran for congress and won. 

- Two years later ran for reelection and lost

- Three years later he failed at landing his dream job. 

- Five years later he ran for the senate. Lost again.  

- Two years later he ran for the vice-presidential nomination, got less than 100 votes. Epic failure. 

- Two years later he ran for the U.S. Senate and lost again. 

- Two years later he ran for President of the United States and WON! 

Who is it? Abraham Lincoln.  

He was relentless, determined and persistent, never giving up or yielding, even in the face of extreme challenges and difficulties. 

As he matured, so did his faith in God and the promises of the Bible. He spoke them often. 

If you never quit, you will develop the faith that will move mountains. You will outlast your adversity, and overcome your adversary — satan

Something I've learned through my personal adversity, the size of your challenges is an indication of the size of your future.  

Don't give in to giving up. 


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