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How do you start making money in business?

May 08, 2024

How do you start making money in business?  

Go back, and start with your customers real problem 

90% of founders are struggling to get this right. It's really easy to get this wrong. And when you don't, you won't make money. 

Here's an example: 

Let's say you are a marketing services business. You help customers with branding, websites and great UX. 

- The Problem: bad website & branding 

- Your Solution: new website with great UX & a brand update 

- The Segment: small business owners 

- The Channel: LinkedIn 

So all of your sales and marketing content is focused on telling your segments about the benefits of having a great website, UX and branding. More than likely you are using marketing language instead of customer language. 

And then here's your problem, your not getting traction, not enough sales appointments with motivated future customers. The result: even though you have a great website, UX and branding — you're not making money. 

How ironic. 

Here's the real problem with the Problem. 

- your future customers are having a sales problem 

- with lower sales revenue coming in, their profitability is getting killed 

- they've tried to fix this but can't 

- they know they have a problem but are unsure what it is 

- they might be forced to cutback and layoff 

- the owner has been skipping paychecks  

That's the real problem. They need to fix sales and marketing but they don't know how. 

Your shiny new website is probably the last priority for them. You have to convince them that your solution will play a huge role in solving their real problem. 

Now think about what your sales and marketing content really needs to be focused on. What's your content message? What's your unique value proposition?  

Be a pain killer, not a vitamin. Understand the pain behind the problem, solve the pain. 

>> Start here: In one sentence write the problem your future customers want to pay you to solve. 

Get this right and your problems will soon be over.   


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