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If your venture feels stuck ...

May 02, 2024

If your venture feels stuck, maybe God's polishing, not punishing

Let's explore. 

When a faith-driven founder can't seem to crack-the-code, and the revenue (success) is noticeably absent, I can guarantee you it's because God is working on your character. 

He's teaching you how to face life's impossible situations. 

- with calmness 
- with contentment 
- with gentleness 
- with self-control 
- with faith 
- with humility  

God always starts with your character. When you've met His desired improvements, then He'll show you what to do with your business. 

Then He'll pour out His blessing and favor on everything you do and you will prosper. 

Until then, start asking yourself: 

- what is God teaching me right now 
- what am I learning right now 

Start where God starts, your character. 

If that's you, you're in God's finishing school. Don't be surprised when He turns up the heat. But make no mistake, the heat is meant to remove the dross in your life. 

God loves you because we're His sons and daughters, and He's using great care. He will provide during this season. 

When His work is done, then don't be surprised when He sends you out to do the impossible, and conquer a Goliath. 

Give Him everything, watch what He does.  



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