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The Choice: 90% failure vs. 70% success.

May 04, 2024

There has never been a better time to start a business.

The Choice: 90% failure vs. 70% success.

You've heard the cliche, The future is now. Still true.

Forget the unicorn, that's for wishful thinkers. Instead, plant an oak tree.

When's the best time to plant an oak tree. 20 years ago or right now.

But first, you have to make some choices. There are a few types of entrepreneurs, choose wisely. (pick all that apply)

A - Those who try to bootstrap
B - Those who try to raise capital

C - A faith-driven founder
D - A secular founder

E - 90% who fail
F - 70% who succeed

Fact: 90% of first time entrepreneurs fail.

By contrast, 70% of founders who are accepted into an elite business school, accelerator, incubator or venture studio taught by serial entrepreneurs/investors succeed.

90% failure vs. 70% success.

Here's my advice.

#1 - Become faith-driven, only fools reject God's help.

#2 - If you are going to raise capital, learn how to bootstrap.

#3 - Be a pro, go through training.

Pro-Tip: Every serial entrepreneur/investor already knows this. Our original startup ideas are always flawed. Only through the discipline of ideation and iteration do they become viable.

The 70% who succeed went through a step-by-step systematic process to create a viable startup. They did #3.

Every pro knows the rules. What happens if you skip #3?

90% fail (10% still succeed)
Less than 7% get past $1M
Only 1% get to $10M

Want to get really good at golf? Get lessons.


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