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The false allure of building a lifestyle business.

May 14, 2024

Building a lifestyle business isn't just a dream. It's become the opiate for many solopreneurs. Especially the broke ones.  

Imagine the allure. 

- Freedom to choose your hours. 
- The power to work from anywhere. 
- No boss, no office politics. 

But here's the twist. 

It's not just about sipping cocktails on a beach or posting selfies from a cool coffee shop. 

For many, this dream is a double-edged sword

A pursuit that promises liberation, yet often delivers a harsh reality check. 

Solopreneurs are diving in headfirst, fueled by picturesque LinkedIn posts and success stories. Yet, many are unprepared for the solitude, the financial instability, and the relentless grind that lies beneath the glossy surface. 

The harsh truth? 

If you want to make money, you're going to have to master entrepreneurship. If you don't, you're probably more of a freelancer than an entrepreneur. 

What's the difference? The entrepreneur knows how to make money. And the entrepreprenur isn't afraid of hard work and sacrifice. 

- I work hard 
- I put in 13 hours a day. (but never past 5p) 
- I'm in bed by 10p 
- I start my day at 4a 
- I take a day of complete rest every weekend 

Why? I'm building multiple businesses/projects, I'm solving big problems, my life isn't just about me, it's about serving others

Everything takes longer than I'd like and more work than I imagined. But I love it. Why? I understand my calling. My work is full of purpose. 

As a faith-driven founder/investor, my work is worship to God, I work for Him on His assignments. 

Instead of the selfies, do this:  

#1 Develop Faith. 

#2 Master Entrepreneurship. 

#3 Make Money. 

#4 Become Generous. 

This is what winning looks like. 


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