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What "B" School Doesn't Teach You!

Building Business, Godā€™s Way

Welcome to CanaGlobal's Entrepreneur School - where we pave a unique path for founders and visionaries. Recognizing the need for grounded, real-world knowledge, especially for those who might not fit the requirementsĀ of our venture studio, we've distilled three decades of insights from operating a faith-driven venture studio into an invaluable learning platform.

What Sets Us Apart?

While traditional "B" schools offer a trove of academic frameworks, we guide you in building businesses that arenā€™t just profitable, but purpose-driven, aligning with God's vision and principles.

Dive deep into our academyĀ of digital courses, meticulously curated from our vast experiences. From the nuances of faith-driven entrepreneurship to the strategies that have underpinned our success, weā€™ve left no stone unturned.

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