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A Higher Calling

Welcome to "Higher Calling," an insightful and spiritually enriching digital course presented by CanaGlobal. This course, consisting of a two-video series and led by Gerald Duran, the Managing Partner of CanaGlobal, is designed to guide founders in discerning and embracing God's calling both in their personal lives and for their ventures. "Higher Calling" delves into the profound understanding that each venture is not just a business endeavor but a divine assignment, an integral part of God's plan and purpose.

Key Highlights of the Course:

  • Divine Purpose Exploration: Understand the spiritual significance behind your entrepreneurial journey and how it aligns with God's calling.
  • Leadership with a Higher Calling: Gain insights into leading your venture not just as a business but as a fulfillment of a divine mission.
  • Two-Part Video Series: Concise yet profound, these videos are packed with wisdom and guidance from Gerald Duran.
  • Personal and Venture Alignment: Learn how to align your personal spiritual journey with the mission of your venture.
  • Understanding the ‘X-Factor’: Discover how the concept of a 'Higher Calling' can be the key to growth, multiplication, scalability, and success in your business.
  • Practical Spiritual Application: Practical advice on how to implement this understanding in both personal life and business practices.
  • Accessible Spiritual Guidance: Ideal for entrepreneurs seeking to integrate their faith deeply into their business model.

"Higher Calling" is more than just a course; it's an invitation to transform your entrepreneurial endeavor into a journey of spiritual fulfillment and divine purpose. This series will inspire you to see your venture as a pivotal part of your life's calling, deeply intertwined with your faith and spiritual growth. Join us to uncover the heartbeat behind your Kingdom venture and unlock the 'x-factor' that propels growth and success.