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For the leaders steering their teams, cultivating cultures, and building lasting legacies.


Your Journey with CanaGlobal:

  • Elevate your leadership and vision through specialized courses in our entrepreneur school.
  • Engage with our weekly Church for Entrepreneurs, tapping into insights from our Managing Partners.
  • If you’ve crossed the 2M revenue mark, explore partnership possibilities with our venture studio.

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Join us and embark on a journey to build not just a business, but a legacy, God’s way.




Iconic Founders are driven by the kind of faith that moves mountains. It's the bedrock of everything we do at CanaGlobal. 


Higher Calling

The heartbeat behind every faith driven founder is their calling. It's the x-factor to growth, multiplication, and scalability.


Revenue Growth

The RevOps Academy is the revenue performance playbook to reach your first 10M in revenue.