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Start getting paid. Really well!

Jun 26, 2021
Start getting paid. Really well!
But how?
I have found that when one pursues their marketplace calling (purpose), what God created them to do, rewards follow.
The marketplace is where all of us will invest over 100,000 hours working.
Why not do something that matters?
Let's connect the dots between business, purpose success, and faith.
Go figure that Jesus spent most of His time in the marketplace, serving others.
When what you do for a living is centered around your calling, your way of service to the marketplace community, you'll make money helping others succeed. Lots of it.
God rewards those who serve others.
This is Ministry. This is Business. This is Worship. This is Calling.
God has created man to co-create with Him.
God creates the trees. Man creates the chairs.
God creates wheat. Man creates the bread.
So where do you start?
Priority #1 - Invest your time, money, and resources in discovering your marketplace calling, God's plan and purpose for your life.
Priority #2 - Invest time, money, and resources in growing your faith, so you have the guts to take the RISKs to go after your dreams and goals ... despite your present circumstances. Faith is spelled RISK.
Priority #3 -  Ask God to send you a mentor and coach to help you pursue your destiny. The Holy Spirit is your ultimate guide, but God will always send someone who is partnered, and powered by the Holy Spirit to help you.
BTW ... The Hebrew word for business professional is OHMEIN, which means man of faith.
Then start co-creating with God to serve others.
If you ask me, creating a business is the greatest expression of co-creating with God.

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