Know What You Want

Mar 03, 2022

Every extremely well-paid person I’ve ever met does this.

And every struggling person I’ve ever met doesn’t.

I study patterns, here’s what I’ve learned …

Yesterday I wrote about how the size of your paycheck is a choice to be made by you.

The super well-paid people know what they want — and how much it costs.

Have you ever heard the saying “If you have to ask how much you can’t afford it.”

There is some truth to this.

Another truth is most people don’t know what they want, let alone how much it costs in terms of time, energy, focus, sacrifice and you guessed it … MONEY.

Why? Because most people set their dreams and goals about one inch from their present circumstances.

Why? Because their perception of what’s possible gets limited by their past limited experiences.

OK, let’s talk about the first step:

Your perception of what’s possible will ALWAYS frame your future.

Let’s stretch that today.

Secret #1 - Explore what you want your life to look like five years from today. Don't worry that you don’t how you'll ever get there. (stretch your perception muscle) 

**If you can’t see it, you’ll never have it. 

How? Ask yourself these two questions:

>> If you had a magic wand, what would you change in your life over the next five years?

>> What would you attempt to accomplish over the next five years IF you had unlimited resources and knew you couldn’t fail.

The answers will free you up!

Focus on the things with financial costs first. (personal income to be 100% debt free, buy that home, have it paid off, fund your retirement, financial freedom etc…)

Write it down. (most people WON’T write it down). Why? Because they can’t perceive HOW they’d ever have it. 

If you can’t perceive it, you’re not capable of receiving it.

Secret #2 - Now count the financial costs of having what you want over the next five years. Establish the grand total. Again, don’t worry that you might not know how you’d do it. That comes later.

Take your grand total, spread it out over the five years, ramp it up from lower to higher, this is your net personal income after taxes, the part you get to keep.

**Write it down. 

What just happened? 

#1 You’ve decided what you want out of life, financially, over the next five years. You’ve created an image in your mind. You can now see it.

#2 You now understand the actual costs of having it.

Short List Example:

New Home: 1.5M (zero debt)
Retirement Fund: 2M
Debt: 30k
Cars: 100k

Total: $3,630,000.

Year 1 - 200k
Year 2 - 500k
Year 3 - 700k
Year 4 - 1M
Year 5 - 1.3M

Now you know what you want and what it costs.

This becomes your new 5 year vision and goals.

>> This is what all top earners do.
>> This is what struggling people never do.

Tomorrow, I’ll reveal how you can develop THE PLAN to get there.


PS … You're probably going to need God’s help, decide today if you’ll take it.

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