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How we gather.

Nov 19, 2023

When you connect the dots between business, purpose, success and faith, how you gather with other believers might change.

I used to gather with mostly strangers every Sunday to hear mostly monologues

What I craved was dialog. Especially two-way conversations with other faith-driven founders.

This is how my life has changed.

So far this week I've gathered (met with) several other faith-driven founders. Four more scheduled for today. 

Meeting 1 - Met with our team to go through our projects. In the Word. Prayed. Shared what revelations the Holy Spirit was teaching us. Went through our performance dashboard. We had a robust conversation.

Meeting 2 - Met with some of our faith-driven venture partners to discuss rolling out an entrepreneurial program in colleges throughout America. Talked through our mission, the great commission of Matthew and Mark to disciple people and nations. Talked about our growth strategy. Prayed together.

Meeting 3 - Met with a faith-driven team who are in our venture studio. We prayed. We read the Bible. We went over our financial performance dashboard. We worked through some growth issues. 

Meeting 4 - Met with a faith-driven founder who is in our venture studio. Went through our growth strategy and timeline, spent the rest of the time talking about God’s promises when taking on new territory. Read scripture together. Prayed together.

Meeting 5 - Met with a venture partner, discussed his challenges, spiritual and business, got into the Word together and prayed together.

This is my life.

Before I meet with anyone, I meet with God, the Holy Spirit and Jesus. We spend a couple of hours in conversation and in the Word. I get my strategy and instructions for the week. We talk all day long. And before I go to sleep, same thing.

I gather every single day with other believers. In-person and virtually.

Seem strange? 

This is very similar to the New Testament church. Back when church wasn’t a place to go, but a people. Lots of faith-driven entrepreneurs.

A people who gathered daily to have purposeful conversations about being a follower of Jesus Christ.

If you see the church as a place to go, perhaps it doesn’t make sense to be combined with a venture capital firm. But we see the church as Jesus described it, an Ekklesia, a people empowered to disciple people and nations.

- Cities are built by entrepreneurs.

- Industries are built by entrepreneurs.

- Economies are built by entrepreneurs.

- And America was built by entrepreneurs.

Let's make it all faith-driven. Who's with me?


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