Community Question: How Can I Have What I Really Want Out Of Life?

Dec 10, 2020

This is a question asked by one of our dreamchasers in CanaGlobal's Online Community: How Can I Have What I Really Want Out Of Life?

First, great question Brendon Sxxxxx from Cincinnati. Here's the answer. 

Have you ever heard this saying: Dream it. Do it. Well, it's actually possible.

I've found this to be the answer to having what you want out of life. This is something my wife Leslie and I have practiced for decades, it's how we achieve every dream and goal we set, in both our business and personal life.

I shared it with thousands and thousands of people, and I'm happy to share it with you.

  1. Envision What You Want

    I create a vision of what I want my life to look like in five years. I actually paint a portrait of this life in my mind.

    I don't limit my perception of what's possible to my present circumstances, like money, know-how, or experience. I decide what I'd like to have, creating my version of my best life. 

  2. Write It Down

    Then I commit my vision to writing, making it as detailed as I can. I including every area of my life: career, financial, health, relational, purpose, and faith. 

    As an example, over the years we've been blessed to live in many beautiful homes. But years before we actually acquired each home, I would go out and identify a neighborhood that we wanted to live in. I always seemed to pick the places that we couldn't afford to live in. And every single time, we either ended up in that exact neighborhood or one better. 

  3. Count The Cost

    Then I calculated the exact cost of having everything I want in terms of time, energy, focus, and finances.

    For the financial part, I calculate the exact (NET) dollars needed to pay for what I want. I like being debt-free. From that, I create years 1-5 NET personal income requirements.

    I do the same thing with my time budget.  

  4. Pick A Path

    Now I have to choose a path, the source of where the income to fund my dream will come from.

    There are three choices:

    - Investments
    -  A Career
    - Or A Business

    As a serial entrepreneur, I have always intentionally built a business that would fund my dreams. What if you're not an entrepreneur? Well, you can learn to become one, or choose a career that will pay what you need. You can always learn to code.

  5. Plan, Prepare, Learn and Launch

    As an entrepreneur, I build a timeline to plan, prepare, learn new things, and launch. Same thing if you are planning out a new career. 

This is precisely how Leslie and I have reached our dreams and goals for decades. And we're still doing this today.

To do this, you'll have to develop a learning heart, create a vision, learn perseverance, and then never ever give up.

In my book, Ignite Your Success: Your LifePlan Revolution, I go into great detail. You can get the Paperback or Kindle book version on Amazon, or download a Free eBook right here

Now, our faith in God, the Bible, especially the 6000 plus Biblical promises have greatly accelerated our dreams, so if you're are open to God's help, everything becomes possible.

My Personal Motto:

My future's not determined by my present circumstances. It's determined by my perception of what's possible, the size of my dreams ... and God's plan and purpose for my life.


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