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Jun 20, 2023

HisPlan -vs- MyPlan!

Avoid falling into the trap of comparing yourself to others.

Just focus on pursuing your unique entrepreneurial journey.

As a faith-driven founder, I have a calling from God to be a solution to a particular problem.

My assignment is to expose and eradicate the causes of entrepreneurial failure in faith-driven ventures.

We are equipping and funding Kingdom ventures.

Nehemiah has this kind of focus. He heard the walls of Jerusalem were torn down. God put a desire in His heart to rebuild them, even though he was living a thousand miles away.

He had zero resources to accomplish this big dream.

But it was a calling from God. A calling that cannot fail.

He simply followed God’s plan, and against impossible odds and enemy attacks, He rebuilt the wall in 52 days.

I’m sure many gave him advice on how to, or how not to, build that wall.

He was constantly attacked by friendly and enemy fire.

But he remained focused because he knew God was with him.

Friends, if God is for you, who can succeed against you?

Just make sure your plan, is His Plan.


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