Your thought-life will determine whether you survive or THRIVE!

Nov 11, 2022

What you allow in your thought-life will determine whether you merely survive or THRIVE.

In life there are ...

Facts - Your circumstances (problems)
Truth - God's promises (solutions)

Your thoughts will produce a harvest of either blessings or curses.

I have a choice in life, I can fill my mind with thoughts about by my problems and challenges, or I can fill my mind with God's promises to deliver me, restore me and prosper me.

My thoughts are seeds. Whatever I allow in my thoughts come into my heart, and then right out of my mouth.

This produces a harvest of the seed.

An apple tree only produces apples.

Whatever the fruit is, the root it.

So if you are facing a challenge in life, like a financial shortage, are you thinking and speaking about the problem — or thinking and speaking about God's promises?

Be honest.

If you have accepted these promises by faith, they are yours. Act like it. Your thoughts and words will be filled with praise.

You won't be in denial of the facts, you are only denying the facts right to exist in your life.

If you want to thrive, change your thoughts and your words. Don't meditate on your demise. No bueno.


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