The American Dream is an expression of a God-Planted Dream.

Mar 27, 2024

Your pursuit of the American Dream is an expression of a God-Planted Dream.

For the majority of Americans, it's the dream of entrepreneurship.

It's no longer rooted in a 9-5 job. 

Your freedom to create prosperity is the root of your entrepreneurial desires. And 80 percent of the global workforce have this desire. They have a deep-seated desire to do something that matters with their life — something with purpose.

They want the freedom to invest in themselves, and create their version of the American Dream.

Deep inside all of us is a God-Planted Dream. And whether you know it or not, it's to co-create with God.

God makes the trees, we make the chairs. He does His part. We do ours.

>> And in this present season, God is raising up millions of faith-driven entrepreneurs.

Remember when we were young? Boy how we could dream. Anything and everything was possible. We could become the President, an astronaut, a big boss, or even a super-hero.

There were no barriers and nothing was off limits; if we could dream it we could do it!

What happened? We stopping dreaming. The dream seems elusive, out of reach.

It's not.

You just have to start. "You mean just dive in and start a business?" For God sakes, NO! You will fail miserably. 

Start learning what-it-takes to start a business, make money, and then grow it

That's exactly what I did when I launched my first business. I took the time to plan and prepare, first.

Entrepreneurship is something you have to learn. No one is born ready.

Want an overview of what the roadmap looks like?

This Thursday at our Church for Entrepreneurs zoom call at 10a MST (same as PST), I'll teach the 6-step playbook and roadmap we use at CanaGlobal.

You'll discover how to:

- Remove the personal barriers holding you back

- Build a business/revenue plan for product market fit

- Create a brand around the actual problem you are solving

- Understand your customers' preferred buyer journey

- How to drive motivated traffic to your website

- Convert that traffic into leads

- Convert your leads into paying customers

In essence, how to stop selling and start solving.

It's a full-stack playbook and roadmap you can learn and implement in weeks. During our zoom call, I'll be teaching and fielding questions around your business challenges, and provide you with a path to making money.

Go to our website, CanaGlobal for an invite. Bring your problems. The solutions are on us!

You're now officially invited, see you tomorrow.


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