You will reach a place when your well runs dry.

Mar 25, 2024

You will reach a place when your well runs dry  —  your career dries up.

First your career, then your finances, here's the path forward.

There comes a time in life when you will experience a major career setback. You're not alone. It's not if, it's when.

- You lose your job and can't find another
- Your business goes south, and you can't recover

And if you don't know what to do, you'll end up wasting away in the desert, scraping by to survive. Instead of life getting better, it will become bitter, and so will you — if you don't know what to do.

Victims are born out of these seasons — but so are victors.

I've always been a fighter. When I got knocked off my horse, I always got back on. But there comes a time in life when you get knocked down so hard, every time you try to get back up, you keep falling.

For me it started and stopped this way.

- My 10-year old son Alec died unexpectedly 

- A few months later my wife got cancer

- A few months later my other son was diagnosed with a syndrome with a 33% mortality rate

- A few months later I was rushed to the hospital with a diabetic emergency

- A few months later two of my businesses failed

- We lost everything

- We were down to nine dollars

When your well runs dry and God's blessings stop, do this:

#1 - Pray
#2 - See what God's Word says
#3 - Pivot, move on, dig another well

God was moving me from one season to the next. From a familiar wineskin to a new wineskin. But you can't take old wine into the new wineskin.

I was super uncomfortable in my desert season. Yet I had near perfect peace, hope for the future, and was joyful most days. 

How? Because I knew God had promised to deliver me from this trouble. He did.

If you are stuck between seasons, trying to pivot and dig that new well, I will help you

I've created and made many resources available to you for wherever you are at on your journey.

CG Entrepreneur School (all free)

- Develop the Faith to Move Mountains digital course

- Higher Calling digital course (discover your purpose)

- RevOps Academy digital course (launch and grow your business)

CG Church for Entrepreneurs (a weekly zoom call)

CG Elevate Incubator - a guided step-by-step mentorship to: 

- start your business
- start making money
- raise capital to scale

CG Venture Studio - our portfolio of businesses we are growing to scale.

When your well runs dry, stop digging, this is your invite to learn what to do.


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