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You can do anything, but you can’t do everything.

May 01, 2023

You can do anything, but you can’t do everything.

Don’t ever start a company unless you’re totally focused on one totally disruptive idea.

For me, my focus has been centered around eradicating the high failure rate with startups.

Why do we accept a 90% failure rate? I don’t.

Most people don’t have the confidence to quit their jobs and start companies.

But for the entrepreneurs who do, I have focused my energies and resources on eradicating this cancer from faith-driven founders and the investors who back their ideas.

My entire focus is on …

- Exposing what doesn’t work
- Educating on why
- Eradicating the bad thinking and execution

I am totally obsessed with this disruptive idea.


Because it’s my calling from God. My assignment. My focus.

It’s what I was created to do.

How about you?

What has God created you to do?

Because whatever you focus on, it will frame your future.

What is the one problem you would dedicate your entire life to solve, IF you knew you had the resources to succeed and could not fail?

THIS is the confidence you will have when you muster up the courage to pursue God’s call on your life.

You can’t do everything and succeed, but you CAN and WILL succeed at God assignments.

This, my friend, is the unfair advantage of faith-driven founders and investors.

God created you to succeed and prosper in His assignments for you.

Make this your focus, your one totally disruptive idea.


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