Why you are not generating your desired business results.

Aug 22, 2023

There is one reason why you are not generating your desired business results.

You don’t know how.

If you knew how, you’d have different results.

All iconic entrepreneurs (including me) have learned this, mostly the hard way.

If you reject this logic, it’s at your own peril. (the definition of insanity)

See, you have a way of thinking that’s producing your way of doing, and your doing is producing your present results.

If you want to change your results, you’ll have to be committed to changing your thinking.

Hubris and denial keeps us from this commitment.

When I see a founder unwilling to change, from a distance I observe their slow death. Slowly, then suddenly.

When bad results happened to me I’ve learned to go to God, who promises wisdom to all who ask, I go to Him with these three questions.

#1 - Show me what’s going on, give me great foresight, insight, oversight and hindsight.

#2 - Show me what I must do.

#3 - If I do what you tell me, show me what You will do.

I’ve found that when I commit my life, business, plans and steps to God, He makes good on His promise to establish them.

At the end of the day, I only have to be fine with doing things His way instead of mine.

This is how I’ve learned to co-create with God.

And BTW … some of the most stubborn entrepreneurs on the planet are those who are parading around in religious false-humility. You are fooling yourself, not God.

Let's be bold and as confident as lions in our walk with Jesus.


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