Why we never fundraise.

Aug 15, 2023

Why we never fundraise.

- Startup Founders fundraise.
- VCs fundraise.

But we never have and never will.

As faith-driven investors/founders God’s our provider. Not man.

God has given us a disruptive solution when it comes to growing a venture and co-creating with other investors and founders.

>> We have a revenue solution.
>> We have an investment solution.

As in every entrepreneurial relationship, there is a problem and there is a solution.

When one takes the problem and joins forces with the solution, God will multiply it IF you commit your plans and steps to Him.

So, with the same RevOps blueprint used to take ventures to their first 10M, and then scale to 100M — we use it to welcome co-investors into our circle.

Right now we attract over 15,000 new investors and founders every month.

We don’t sell. We only solve.

We are simply transforming the marketplace and VC with the Kingdom of God.

We are His Ekklesia, full of His power and authority to disciple people (entrepreneurs) and nations.

Join us.


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