Why people become hopeless.

Sep 20, 2023

People become hopeless when this happens to them … when they become faithless.

I’m not saying when people become faithless they stop believing in God. They become faithless when they are unsure of what God will do for them. Then faithlessness develops into full-blown hopelessness.

When you have faith, you believe in the Biblical promises as God’s will. What He WILL do for you. Not what He MIGHT do. And you receive these promises by faith the minute you pray, before the results take place.

See the difference?

But when you experience some super-challenging circumstances and enter into what many would call a desert season, a season when God doesn’t seem to answer your prayers, you can easily begin to question everything.

Including God’s will for you.

Folks, hopelessness is unbelief. And it’s a depressing mindset that is devouring our generation.

If you want to develop the faith that moves mountains, you can. We created a digital course geared towards entrepreneurs knowing that climbing the entrepreneurial mountain is treacherous. Knowing full well if one tolerates unbelief in their life, they are doomed.

Fear tolerated is faith contaminated.

You can find it at our entrepreneur school, we made it free for you. 

If you are experiencing a rough patch in life, this course was designed for you. Trust me, I’ve experienced many rough seasons in my 40 year entrepreneurial journey. In this digital course “Develop the Faith to Move Mountains”, I share what I’ve learned. 

Keep on Truckin’


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