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Why I left the Church.

Sep 06, 2023

Here’s why I left the Church.

I realized Church wasn’t a place to go, it was a people. An Ekklesia.

Jesus gave us our marching orders in two of the gospels TO GO and make disciples of people and nations.

I began to realize it was time for the church to be re-imagined and leave the building.

So I began to preach the Gospel, at scale, outside the church building.

A pioneer of something hybrid, both in-person and online.

This journey started for me in 2007 and I’ve never looked back.

Did I forsake the gathering? No. I just discovered I could gather outside the Church building more effectively. It wasn't rocket-science.

I discovered I’m not a follower of pastor so and so, I’m a follower of Jesus Christ.

I learned what the first century church did, and then did that at scale.

What did I do? God showed me how to use my entrepreneurial skills to reach people in the marketplace at scale.

I’ve partnered with God to build and market hybrid systems and experiences to help people discover God, the Bible, and their purpose.

In my first year (2008) 30,000 people a month flocked to my website. 3000 people came to our in-person events that year. 

Fast-forward to today, I am leading a more sophisticated version of the same thing, except globally. 

Today our target audience is the entrepreneurs. Why? Because 70% of the global workforce has a desire to find purpose and become an entrepreneur.

Problem. Meet solution.

And as crazy as it might seem, we’ve packed a solution into a venture capital firm. One of my role models to emulate is the Apostle Paul, the tent-maker entrepreneur. 

What’s next? 

- A Startup Revival movement on college campuses everywhere.

- Building 7M entrepreneur zones in small towns across the globe. 

Exciting things happen when one leaves the building for the battlefield.

Billion flow. Folks, let’s flow. 


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