Why do so many small businesses stall out around $2M in revenue?

Mar 18, 2024

Why do so many small businesses stall out around $2M in revenue?

First, only 7% of small businesses ever make it past $1M in revenue. So if that's you, congrats! 

I know the journey to $1M wasn't easy!

When you're at $1M in revenue, you can't afford to hire the most qualified marketing and sales team. So it's that team that will take you to $2M in sales, but that's the problem.

>> That same team will rarely get you to $5-10M.

And by the way, only 4% of the 7% listed above will ever reach $10M in revenue.


Here's the top three reasons.

#1 - Weak sales leadership

#2 - Too much of your revenue is coming from a small segment or group of customers

#3 - Your RevOps (marketing & sales) strategy is outdated

So what's the solution?

Focus on developing a RevOps playbook.
Focus on developing a RevOps roadmap.

You've heard of location, location, location?

Well in small business it's RevOps, RevOps, RevOps.

Not sure about the ingredients of RevOps, leverage our resources at CanaGlobal.

Anyone committed  to learn-how, can get the know-how.


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