Why do so many (coaches and consultants) aka solopreneurs fail?

Feb 20, 2024

Why do so many (coaches and consultants) aka solopreneurs fail? 

For one thing, they are used to being teachers — not learners.

So most coaches and consultants don't have a RevOps playbook or growth roadmap.

What is RevOps? RevOps is a modern marketing and sales system that works.

#1 - Demand Generation System to generate traffic to your website.

#2 - Lead Generation System to convert traffic into sales appointments.

#3 - Sales Pipeline System to convert appointments into sales.

They've never learned how because they're not natural learners  they're teachers.

So they struggle with the income ups and downs.

And if they do have some sort of marketing and sales system, it's broken.

Look, if that's you, don't make the mistake of defending what clearly isn't working. That's pride. Pride come before (you finish the sentence).

Instead, just commit to learn how. Refuse to let pride get in the way.

If you're a DIY learner, come leverage our free resources. Our DIY programs are completely free.

If you require a more guided step-by-step approach, explore our Elevate Incubator. It's a guided approach to your first $2M in revenue. It's 12-16 weeks. 

And guess what, 12-16 weeks is going to go by no matter what. 

You can keep on doing what you're presently doing, or in 12-16 weeks have an entire RevOps playbook and roadmap toward your first $2M in revenue.

Look, come to our Church for Entrepreneurs. Learn how to build your faith and your ...

- Business plan
- Revenue strategy
- And state of investor readiness to scale

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Take a risk and explore your future.

It's what God created you to do.


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