Who is managing your life and business?

Jun 08, 2022

Who is managing your ...

- business?
- life?

Those of you who know me can see I have a busy life. I'm pursuing the calling God has put inside me. Dreams that seem impossible without God.

I have competing priorities ...

- each one with their own dreams and goals
- each one with their own troubles

1. My relationship with God goals

2. My family goals

3. My business goals

4. My health goals

5. My obedience goals

6. My love for my enemies goals

7. My personal finance/investment goals

I've had to learn how to surrender every area over to God. That means God is in charge of my life ... not me.

** I still have personal responsibility for my decisions and actions.

He has the masterplan and path for EVERY area of my life. That's why I meet with Him every day to get my daily instructions.

I face much trouble and enemy opposition in every area of my life.

So every day I ask God what to do, and what path to take for every area of my life.

I have free will — I can obey Him or ignore Him.

But I've learned to allow Him to change the way that I think. To learn His way of doing things.

He's taught me to stay out of doubt, fear and worry which are all forms of unbelief in Him

So I take my list of priorities and problems to Him each morning. He lets me know what to do.

- either He will take care of the problem Himself
- or, He will show me what to do

Either way, He's is charge of my life. He's got this.

I'm sharing this with you not because I'm perfect, far from it, but because I want to share with you that God desires to be in charge of your life.

- in your business
- in your life

He's got a plan for your life.

If you'll allow Him to change your thinking in every area of your life ... you'll experience His abundance in every area.

God's Got This.


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