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When your identity is changed.

Sep 22, 2023

For most entrepreneurs going after the big dream, your identity is defined by your progress.

But for children of God, it’s different.

You become who He says you are The Moment you receive your calling. In that very moment, your identity is forever changed.

In Abraham’s case, He became the Father of Many Nations the day He received the assignment by faith. God changed his name from Abram to Abraham to memorialize the covenant between them.

Then Abraham started the journey.

But for Abraham, he had to journey 25 years before he gave birth to Isaac. He couldn’t in-the-flesh become the father of nations until he had a son.

But to God who cannot lie, Abraham was the Father of Nations the day God spoke it and Abraham received the assignment by faith.

Folks, it’s the very same for you and I, especially you who are faith-driven founders. God has called you to build a great venture with Him. We have a new covenant with God through Jesus Christ.

We become who He says we are the day we receive the assignment. Once you’ve taken it by faith, it’s yours.

>> Nothing can stop you from accomplishing what God has called you to do, except you, should you quit.

Be who/what He has called you to be — Right Now. Your future is right now. If He has called you to be a Founder/CEO of a billion dollar company, you are that right now, even if the business is still in the idea stage.

Now ...

- Act like it.
- Talk like it.
- Walk like it.

Don’t waste your time with false humility. It's insulting to God.

Pull your shoulders back and walk tall. You are more than a conqueror right now.

From the brother who loves you, the prophet of profit ...

Start cooperating with your future.



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