When to SHIP IT and when to PERFECT IT.

Jan 03, 2023

You gotta know when to SHIP IT and when to PERFECT IT.

And understand the difference between the two.

Anytime I'm planning a new project, product or service, I invest much time creating it around customer experience goals.

These two processes help us get there.

- Lean Business Canvas
- Brand Positioning

But before we release it, aka "SHIP IT", it's gotta be as curb your enthusiasm's Larry David would say ...

"pretty pretty pretty ... pretty good".

If we release it and it's pretty bad, it will be an expensive flop.

And we'll join the 90% of founders who fail due to lack of product-market fit.

But once we ship it (release it), the Real Product Improvement Begins.

Our ethos at CanaGlobal is to perfect everything we do. If we listen very carefully to client's experiences, we'll soon see improvement opportunities we never knew existed.

The phrase "To Perfect" is a verb. An action.

- Complete
- Full grown
- Mature

You have to know when to "ship it" and start producing revenue, and then once you have customers, make it better and better, to perfect it.

I know culture in many ways pushes the idea to not aim for perfection, yet God actually says the opposite.

Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect. Matthew 5:48

Don't forget you were make in God's image, and He live inside you if you are a Christ follower.

If you are a maverick founder building a disruptive venture, know when to ship it — and when to perfect it.


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