When Sales and Marketing Breaks

Mar 23, 2022

When sales and marketing breaks for me or one of my clients ...

I lead a 1-week deep dive into the customer problem we’re solving ...

We clarify our brand proposition using these three steps

We research, verify, and clarify the customer problem and our solution around these four questions.

1. What’s the customer problem we’re trying to solve?

2. How widespread is this problem for our target audience?

3. What happened? How did the target audience develop this problem?

4. What’s the solution?

➜ The Three Steps

Step 1 - We start by doing a bit of research to verify our problem-solution assumptions. We find at least 10 articles written by industry experts that verify and clarify questions 1 to 4.

We listen first, and then learn through the research. It clarifies our brand proposition, the way we think about the customer problem-solution.

Step 2 - We write a one-page article from what we’ve verified and learned doing the research. We do it in the same order as the four questions, in four sections.

We tell an industry problem-solution story with the article.

This article helps us articulate and clarify our brand position. We’ve now verified our brand assumptions.

Step 3 - We then create a four slide deck for our team. Each slide has a short phrase representing one of the four questions. We practice talking about each question.

It's like practicing for a group presentation. Your language will get very clear and precise. The information will get set in your brain in a particular order.

>> For us, this is a one-week process. When we’re finished the result is a brand clarity that allows us to reshape and rethink our sales and marketing strategy, AKA the customer acquisition system.

- Our website becomes more compelling
- Our paid/shared content strategy becomes laser-focused
- Our business development strategy is clarified and amplified

It’s how we achieve product-market fit and get the sales rolling back in again.

As a faith-driven entrepreneur, I’ve learned to include God in this process. He helps us see what’s broken and how to fix it.

It’s how we connect the dots between faith, purpose and entrepreneurship.

100% of my clients hire me for this reason.


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