When I made the INC 500, something unexpected happened.

Mar 17, 2024

The first time one of my companies made the INC 500, something unexpected happened.

I got an invitation that changed the rest of my life.

I was praying to God and He asked me, "Do you want to partner with me?"

I said yes.

That was the first time one of my ventures made the list of the fastest growing companies in America. At the time I was co-founder and a pioneer in the software coding camp industry (learn to code).

While I was already a spirit-filled believer, I was focused exclusively on my family and my businesses, not so much on God's priorities.

>> So what does it mean to partner with God?

If you want to partner with God, to actually co-create with Him, you’ll have to get in agreement with His Word, the Bible.

If you want to hear His voice, you’ll have to carve out time to study the Word, daily. 

This time of being present, in His presence, will begin to reshape your thinking.

It will be how you know your assignment and more importantly, what’s possible.

God’s priorities will become yours.

You'll get into alignment with Him and His Great Commission of Matthew 28 and Mark 16 — to disciple people and nations. 

God created each one of us to make a mark on this generation. 

You’ll have to leave the church building to do this.

You’ll have to go into the marketplace.

God asked me, “You’ve made the INC 500, but do you want to join My hall of fame?

I’m so glad I said yes

Today He is inviting you to partner with Him in the marketplace, what do you say?


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