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What you allow yourself to see, will make or break you.

May 19, 2023

For every faith-driven founder scoping out new territory — what you allow yourself to see, will make or break you.

#1 Seeing the opportunities.

If this is a God assignment, something He has called you to do, you’ll see what God sees, the opportunity to solve a great problem.

God will send you with an innovative solution. Prepare to disrupt an entire industry.

#2 Seeing the obstacles.

But you will also see all of the obstacles. You’ll see giants in the land, walls erected to keep you out, and you’ll also see your weakness and lack of resources.

Unbelief will begin to magnify your weaknesses.

#3 Seeing the greatness of God

But if God has called you to take on this new territory, you can’t focus on the size of the obstacles, instead you'll have to focus on the size of your God.

The important question isn’t “How big are the obstacles?” or “How big am I?”

The major question is, “How big is my God?”

When you walk by faith, the future is your friend, and every enemy is already defeated.

Seeing is believing.


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