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What’s always behind your bad results?

Apr 19, 2023

Entrepreneurs, what’s always behind your bad results?

It’s this. Bad thinking.

- Look, we all have a way of thinking, for good or bad.

- Our thinking produces a way of doing, for good or bad.

- And then our doing produces results, for good or bad.

So when your results are bad, so is your thinking.

Your thinking is actually responsible for your bad results.

In fact, your very best thinking has produced your bad results.

I call this stinkin’ thinkin’.

Until you are willing to change your thinking, you can expect more of the same.

Definition of insanity: doing the same thing, over and over again, and expecting different results.

Imagine a farmer who can’t seem to produce a harvest, doing the same thing over and over, without good results.

What’s wrong? His thinking.

But we humans tend to double-down on our insanity, and keep making the same mistakes over and over.

Why? Pride and ego. We’d rather produce bad results than admit we were wrong.

- If your business is not profitable — it’s your thinking

- If you’re not producing strong sales revenue — it’s your thinking

- If you are not successful at raising venture capital — it’s your thinking

Whatever’s not working, it’s your thinking.

- Change how you think.

- Change what you do.

- Change your results.

Change your T.D.R. (Think. Do. Results.)

What’s the best way to change your thinking? Do what I do. I go straight to God and ask Him for wisdom. (James 1:5)

Why God?

He knows everything. He’s willing to teach me everything. He’s my #1 source for wisdom, understanding and knowledge.

This is the difference between knowing how to do something, and not knowing.

This is the unfair advantage of the faith-driven founder.

Leverage it.


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