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What drives our Revenue Performance?

Nov 28, 2023

Answering these 3 questions *correctly, drive our entire portfolio revenue performance. SO we never stop asking.

#1 - What are we doing to drive segment traffic to our website? (demand generation)

#2 - What are we doing to convert traffic into leads? (lead generation)

#3 - How many sales appointments are needed monthly for every 10M in annual rev. (sales pipeline performance)

There are inbound/outbound strategies and tactics that must get executed to reach our rev goals. All of this is RevOps, what we do in our revenue operations.

Those 3 questions drive everything.

As a Christian entrepreneur, I bring the Holy Spirit into every conversation. That's why we pray in every business meeting. The Holy Spirit who knows everything promises to teach us everything. Ding-Dong!

This is the foundation of our revenue playbook. It's how and why we win.

Start asking these questions, invite the Holy Spirit into your conversations, that's how you co-create with the Creator.


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